How to cut gutters before the installation

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how we cut the gutter we from ZZ gutter

company outside minor and from the 10

inches we're just gonna be cutting the

let's wrap to wrap it up they don't stop

by the time Phoenix

cutting out the gutters we're gonna have

the strop ready cut the next one right

now I'm gonna cut the other one this is

how we do is show them Emily to come do

the Machine how we do it

all right this is 16 feet and they grab

it and put them on the Sun right there

on the top of it okay this is gonna be a

17 feet long and some inches

at 17 all right column Ottoman

recovering it okay sixteen sixteen six

all round 16 we're gonna do a young

outlet here it's gonna be heating the

the roof

this is this neat

I just junk it with the duty tonight you

cut it like this make sure you put it

with the pressing it won't move now

we're gonna then we get the creeper a

little bit make sure to start then we're

going to put the ceiling inside then

we're going to put the coking right

there I'll show you guys how we do it

let me put it down a little bit that's

how we do it show the show show show

them over here how we doing

make sure this cut gonna put this cook

in here it's going to be leaking

make sure you put water or something in

your finger because it's gonna have a

lot of a lot of cooking see that's it's

done then I'm gonna be put in the