How to cut a bevel angle using a circular saw

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guys I'm back in today we're gonna talk

about how to cut a bevel a bevel

specifically on a 2x4 using a portable

circular saw

alright we've already cut a normal

crosscut we've cut a a miter now we're

gonna cut a bevel and a bevel is

different this is a miter cut a bevel is

gonna go the opposite direction that's

gonna cut through the stock in this

direction so I'm gonna show you how we

go about that so in this particular case

we're gonna cut our bevel thirty inches

long so before we get started we're

gonna cut our bevel thirty inches long

and we're gonna tilt the base of our

portable circular sole at 45 degrees

it's a very common cut that you make

45-degree bevel or a twenty two and a

half degree bevel in this case we're

going to tilt it forty-five degrees the

first thing you want to do is make sure

the depth is all the way down when you

want to make sure your sole is unplugged

make sure that the depth is all the way

down okay now we're going to tilt the

base of the sole using the adjustable

knob here we're going to use the

gradient here on the on the tilting

table and we're gonna adjust it to 45

degrees like so then we're gonna lock it

into place now we've created a 45 degree

angle from the table base to the saw

blade so if I pull up the retractable

guard you can see that the base of our

sole is gonna cut through our stock at a

45 degree bevel alright so again we're

gonna have a long point and on the other

side we're gonna have a short point we

always said it's a long point is up when

we're cutting a bevel for the most part

in this case we're gonna cut it thirty

inches and I'm gonna cut it square

across from the face of the board so I'm

gonna come over here I'm gonna get my

carpenters pencil down I'm gonna hook my

board on him make sure the end of my

board is square again if you've already

checked after we make sure it's square

we hook our tape on the end now in this

case I'm gonna cut it square across so

we can really mark it at the board

anywhere I want when I come over here

I'm gonna mark 30 inches I'm gonna put

my crows foot so it could be 30 inches

looks something like that would be a

crows foot or a check mark but you're a

making sure you make a pencil mark with

a point to it you're gonna take your

square that means a speed square at this

this time there's a square cross these

are my carpenters pen so I'm gonna make

a mark I'm not sure my my square is

tight against my 2x4 so I'm making a

90-degree angle

now I'm gonna take my circular saw I'm

gonna make sure I'm break my to my sole

horses are close enough together braced

really well if it the saw kicks back

it's not gonna get me this is a more

difficult cut to make okay try to cut it

so that we have this is gonna be the

waist side of our line so we're gonna

try to cut it so that we have just

barely a black line left again this will

be the waist side because of our saw

kerf we wouldn't want to cut it on this

side of the line because we make our

board too short so we're gonna get it

started before we run into the stock

again we're gonna hold firmly we're

gonna make sure we're not gonna get a


so when we're done it'll looks like so

now in this case is why I always carry

my rasp I can clean the edge up if I

need to it has those little fuzzies on

it and when I clean the edge up you can

see that barely just the black lines

left the cuts accurate at 30 inches and

that's the long point of the bevel this

would be the short point of the bevel or

again the toe and the heel of the cut

okay so there we just demonstrated how

to create a bevel on a 2x4 utilizing a

portable circular saw