How to cut a bevel angle using a circular saw

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guys I'm back in today we're gonna talk

about how to cut a bevel a bevel

specifically on a 2x4 using a portable

circular saw

alright we've already cut a normal

crosscut we've cut a a miter now we're

gonna cut a bevel and a bevel is

different this is a miter cut a bevel is

gonna go the opposite direction that's

gonna cut through the stock in this

direction so I'm gonna show you how we

go about that so in this particular case

we're gonna cut our bevel thirty inches

long so before we get started we're

gonna cut our bevel thirty inches long

and we're gonna tilt the base of our

portable circular sole at 45 degrees

it's a very common cut that you make

45-degree bevel or a twenty two and a

half degree bevel in this case we're

going to tilt it forty-five degrees the