How to cut and install wall baseboard trim 45° cuts

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I'm gonna go over how to cut wall trim

and it can be very difficult for a lot

of people the number one things we

didn't knew is that you're gonna need

sorry that you're gonna need is tools

that are gonna help you cut this and

you're definitely gonna need for your

measuring tape a pen and a chop saw that

can cut at a 45 degree angle you see how

to get set to a 45 and what I'm doing

right now when I start out the first

thing I did is that went upstairs in my

bathroom and I drew a map of the entire

bathroom and there's my door and I took

distances from the door to the left

under the sink and around and you take

exact measurements if you got say your

wall board at thirty three and a half -

two millimeters you need to I think