How To Cut A 45 On An Outside Corner | Cutting Tile Trim

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all right how to pet a 45 on an outside

I'm not only going to show you how to

cut a 45 on an outside corner but I'm

also going to show you and explain to

you how you make a 45 on an inside

corner and how to do an outside inside

corner alright in the process for doing

that and what nobody else is showing you

tricks of the trade

alright so how to cut a 45 on an outside

corner no further ado let's get this

going alright appreciate everyone that

drops in here after the live stream

appreciate all those that drop in here

during the live stream um this is for

your benefit these are some of the

best-kept secrets they're just so many

different directions for me to go in

with this title you know all right so

let me explain to you first you want to

take your tile and your trim all right