How To Cut A 45 On An Outside Corner | Cutting Tile Trim

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all right how to pet a 45 on an outside

I'm not only going to show you how to

cut a 45 on an outside corner but I'm

also going to show you and explain to

you how you make a 45 on an inside

corner and how to do an outside inside

corner alright in the process for doing

that and what nobody else is showing you

tricks of the trade

alright so how to cut a 45 on an outside

corner no further ado let's get this

going alright appreciate everyone that

drops in here after the live stream

appreciate all those that drop in here

during the live stream um this is for

your benefit these are some of the

best-kept secrets they're just so many

different directions for me to go in

with this title you know all right so

let me explain to you first you want to

take your tile and your trim all right

whether it's half round alright quarter

rounds basically a calls consider from

all right because if you put these two

together they would consider that a

circle all right around alright now to

make an outside corner alright

you want to line these up for left and

right now are these are the same no it's

not so I saw reason that's what we have

to get these going in the right

direction okay so this is the top see

how it's narrow here

all right rounds up okay rounds over

actually depending on how you're looking

at it now do these are these they both

going in the same direction yes all


we have just we have identified that

these are both the same now

to cut an outside corner you have to cut

the backside for an outside corner if

you're going to do an inside corner you

have to cut the face all right so we

want to cut too you want to measure from

here back across the face

all right now you can do that anywhere

you want to save your material and so

you want to cut right here to this right

here at the edge all right and I'll show

you how to do that so remember if you

want an outside corner you want to cut

the backside so you're going from the

back across to this outer edge all right

so outside corner back sides inside

corner front side of your trim though

this applies to wood anything you're

cutting all right if you're one the

outside corner you cut it from the

backside cut that forty-five all right

inside corner you cut the face whether

it's wood tile whatever it is you're

cutting all right now the other thing

you do so you don't get confused all

right this is the top we determine the

top all right there's that's the bottom

it's flat now so on the inside here all

right I want to mark and I like using a

red pencil when I can when I have one

available all right and you want these

two to match so you know you're cutting

them both at the same location all right


all right so now let's line these up

okay we know that we're at the same spot

and we're gonna cut the whole length of

this it's not like I'm going to be

cutting it at that angle because that's

a whole different cut altogether

all right we're going to be cutting it

45 right across slicing this off right

across the width of this material but we

now we've determined all right that way

you don't make any mistakes you line

them up that's where you want to cut all

right now remember we want to cut the

backside for an inch outside corner

all right now

this is a 45 I've cut on my saw okay

and as you see if I bring this here

don't want to do that okay let me zoom

in here a bit you can see this up close

and personal

okay now take this and you slide this

down all right but first I want to show

you this if we take this and this speed

square all right this is what nobody's

really explaining to you or even telling

you here is the speed square this runs

at a 45 all right so when this is level

this is a 45 when you lay it down flat

it's a 45 degree angle all right and so

is this now that's the outer side but

you flip this up this is straight okay

that's straight this is the 90 stay

straight down and straight back there's

your corner all right so we come across

then up there's your 90 but remember

this way this is a 45 and this is a 45

okay now this is a 45 right here

and how do we know let's let me show you

take this bring this to this edge right

here now watch this let's see how that

lines up okay that lines up perfectly

with this edge and these two 45s meet

alright so there's your 90 here down and

across your 90 and it's perfectly in

line with that channel okay

now I'm going to show you how to know if

you once I cut this if you how do you

know how do you check it four straight

all right and I'll show you how to find

out if the piece you're cut is cut

straight all right now if I cut it like

this is it right if I lay this down this

is going to be outside or inside when I

get done face is inside corner but we're

making an outside so we want to cut it

on the backside and remember my line

it's not there ah yeah

there you go and that's why you make

that line in the beginning all right it

saves the mistakes now we're going to

take this little guy here we're going to

slide it down to support this alright

now the other thing we're going to do is

we're going to line this up it's good or

zoomed-in okay now we want to this best

as possible to this outer edge right

here because it's going to slice across

at a forty-five right here alright let

me show you it's going to go from this

edge all right slicing all the way

through back in a 45 okay so we want I

ball the blade okay and we see if this

plate comes carries through it's going

to it's going to catch this material

right here now is that going to matter

not for

I'm doing but it needs to be exact and

that's also why you cut this first


you cut your 45 first then you pull from

the 45 in the long point and measure in

most cases sometimes you want to pull

from the short point which is on the


all right now so you line up the blade

to the side or edge as close as possible

all right that way you're not wasting

your material alright now I'm going to

take this okay I'm gonna pull them in

them get this set all right now the

other thing you want to do as you're

cutting this the resistance that it

creates wants to push this back as you

cut and if it pushes that back it's

going to make the cut like it's 50 60

degree cut right 48 degree cut it's not

going to be right and be too long and

you got to play with your cut so we're

going to anchor this down

okay now I've made a little shim because

this wants to flex and you don't want

that to flex so I'm going to put this

piece of trim under here all right then

I'm going to take my let me show you

here this clamp this has got a hollow

spot under here zero my fingers go

halfway up okay and this wants to flop

around when you try to clamp it okay now

it wants to flop so we're going to kind

of fix that little problem so I put this

underneath okay open this clamp up a bit

more alright

I'm gonna bring this right down on top

of where I have my spacer so and this is

running at an angle all right you see my

gap we don't want it at an angle now

that's so if that would be a custom cut

and you have to do that on purpose all

right if that was what you were wanting

but that would have to be on purpose now

this outer edge is just barely barely in

the channel and you can adjust this

however you want it but you don't want

the blade to cut your square all right

now I'm going to clamp this down right

over the top of my support because we

don't want this to flex and give because

it has a tendency to want to flex all

right now we're going to get this in

here now all I have to do now is hold my

block okay what I'm doing is I'm holding

my block here all right so it holds it

in place that's all I'm doing so that

this doesn't move and this is vertical

that helps to hold it vertical all right

so let's get this repositioned okay okay


mm there we go

although I'm not liking that I'm not

liking that it also bear with me here

I wasn't live you wouldn't be seeing all

of this okay now I'm liking that better

I'm right because I want you to see

exactly what it is I'm doing alright

that's much much much better all right

now I'm gonna hold this block I'm

winning don't get your finger it will

cut your finger it's not like a wood

blade but that will cut you and I won't

even care

all right now I'm landing this up here

so it's cutting thread this edge this

outer edge or just behind it all right

moment of truth

okay I'm a little bit short but it's


okay there's my cutoff

now I'm gonna show you what you have to

do next

whoa what was that close and personal

all right all right now time to move

this stuff here all right I was the

reason for this being here show you what

that is here in a few minutes

and we're going to cut this crystal I

found this in my yard okay well I wasn't

going to tell you is if you take it and

you soak it first in the sauce didn't

roll it in the flour and then deep-fry


you'd have to deep fry it till it that's

how they make hot wings that's that's

the trick for hot wings I'm telling my

audience you're how to make hot wings

you want butter and I think a little

vinegar in there but we're not doing hot

wings what I'm just saying that's you

you put the batter or the or the or your

hot sauce or whatever on your wings

first totem first that's the trick

butter okay something about the butter

so you're not deep frying them I don't

remember it's been too long something

big I don't know which way I'm warning

you it might not do it that way okay


okay you want to cut the outside all

right because we want this to go alike

you see how that's gonna pan out here

all right

that's benefit right in there you better

cut it from the backside so in this case

all right now again that would be wrong

see that this is the bottom okay yeah no

that would be wrong okay

and you can also do left and right I

could make left and make right right on

here and so you don't get them confused

okay so that's where we want it right

there just like that okay so this goes

down here just like this

remember I'm going to show you how to

find out if your cut straight all right

then we're gonna pick this run this here

all right

I'm gonna slide this down like yay

we're gonna put our block in place let's

not forget our shim because we don't

want this to flex

alright alright and just heard that

clamp down on that am I right this has

to be remembered it went this completely

against the fence straight on that fence

okay turn again I'm just holding this

I'm pulling back against this to hold

this down and you don't want you want

that you know what that I didn't angle

you want it completely tight okay and

that looks like then cut my finger and

my pants a little close okay now you

just lock into it

this isn't moving okay not enough not

enough okay I'm gonna show you what I

mean all right

not enough I want it to be out here to

this edge okay so I need to come in

further let's check it nut should do it

right there okay in this situation

that's where I'm gonna go right there

not we'll make it a little longer



alright now let's check and see now I'll

show you how to check it if the straight

is just cut is straight or not now that

slid forward a little bit so it could be

off a tad alright so now I'm going to

show you how you check it

alright now let's take this okay I got

this cut up in there

and we're going to take this get this

square alright get this out of 90 I'm

going to push this to the blade

alright let's push it to the blade it's

a nice tight fit on the blade alright

now I'm going to show you one that isn't

that and you're gonna go oh wow ok so

now we're going to show you when it

isn't straight and what that looks like

okay I cut this one earlier on purpose

okay and we're gonna have to turn bring

this over here on the other side of the

blade okay now I can take this now

there's my 45c and you take this this is

standing up just like it was cut right

you bring it out here okay get it out of

90 now we push it against the blade okay

it's at the blade well you can't see it

that's awful

okay I'm gonna make it where you can see

it alright so I'm going to flip this

around bring it here on the other side

pick this up here I'm gonna push it

against the blade you see the gap all

right you see that up it's not huge but

you can see the gap there all right and

that means there it is right there okay

that's perfectly straight up and down


it's away from them so this is not

straight which that means that it's too

long on the bottom side so I would have

to turn this upward pull it back and

let's get that straightened out I'll

show you what I'm talking about here all

right I'm gonna hold this forward now to

compensate all right if I don't have any

room this is my last piece I have no

more material I have to make this piece

work all right I'll tilt this forward

like I like I have it you can see the

tilt on it right here this base and you

cut it as careful as possible but I'm

bringing it up so it's touching here at

the top it's now touching at the top of

the blade alright there's there it is

touching all right and the bottom comes

over even further so watch let's see

what happens


now let's put it against here and let's

see how it fares okay all right

and you gotta play with this sometimes

but that's how you do that okay and if

you look at it

okay then it's a little bit more cutting

but that was that just to give you an

idea all right now we've got both of

these left and right scut let's see if

they measure up will they make a 90 well

they come together oh look at that

beautiful beautiful nice let's get that

up dinner

did you see a glue put this together you

see a glue on the gorilla gel yeah I can

use and glue this together just like

that put it in place okay

and that's how you do that now let's cut

this let's cut this rock here and never

done it so you can see it laughs first

time let's cut this Chris that crystal

this isn't a crystal let's see how it

will cut let's see what it will look

like on the inside and this ought to be

fun okay


all right they reveal this is course I

couldn't think of the name there for a

minute but this is courtship the big

reveal are you ready for the big reveal


nothing special but that's quartz all

right down this in my yard there's gold

in them there hills

all right now is there anything special

on the other side I'm decided that's

kind of cool though first time I've done

this you never know what you're gonna

get cutting these rocks are like a box

of chocolates okay that's kind of cool

quartz everybody this does have some

have some has it's kind of cool

variation going on in this area right

here I don't know if you can see it so

if I can zoom in more or maybe you can

see that variation going on in here okay

yeah maybe you can now write in this

area kind of blurry okay now you can see

it better that's much better

okay it's throughout zooming out

maybe yes you take one more cut we're

going to cut this one more time this

quartz okay let's cut this course one

more time found this in my yard

thanks for being here appreciate you

visiting all right there we go

big reveal

here we go you ready my first lab my

first lab ever know about that first lab


kourt's kind of cool now for the big


yo what's this going to look like is

there something special on the inside

hmm oh yeah let me zoom out and zoom out

to show you this masterpiece it's even

out ah nothing special here today but

sometimes these guys find some really

cool stuff on the inside of these rocks

it's kind of cool to cut my first slab

not to incorporate that into my tiling

or something kind of cool all right

now let's go on the inside and let's see

how this trim is going to fit how it's

gonna line up how good is it going to

look so let's go find out so one more

peek all right and the slab kind of cool

no this is a MK saw this has got a

one-horse motor on it all right this guy

isn't messing around it's a big motor

right that's a one-horse motor right

there all right I'll have to do a review

on this sob real soon all right I wish I

could pause this but I can't and so I'm

bear with me never see your smiling face

I have to smile myself


all right that's check out this trend

see how this trims being how it's gonna

pan out how it's gonna fare

and that's senior people see hi this was

in our yard like I made a slab that's

alright let's see how this outside

corners gonna look knowing the truth at

the moment we've all been waiting for

alright I'm gonna be doing a reveal on

this bathroom here real soon and Victor

friend of mine discovers discover it's

gonna be doing it and you can find them

here on YouTube

alright now let's check out this corner

the moment of truth alright these are

pieces I made for the video ok as you

see that lines up really well

okay now let's come down here

and now we're gonna zoom get you some

more here we go

up close and personal

all right folks after I show you this

we're gonna I'll show you the next thing

that we're gonna do all right you bring

us out ahead of you to that corner you

went too short when I'm crawling the

short point back here you go against

this corner right here outside the edge

of your cabinet just put the short point

right there then they meet okay this is

where you make your adjustments BAM okay


there it is right there beautiful but

okay let me see what you're seeing

long scene is my hand there you go all

right I don't have to put some tape on

this to show you guys

so I'm either gonna run to counter

Maison Martin oh yeah okay all right

beautiful that is

Hey look the second floor you know

that's uh keeping Brandon that's courts

yes all right so there you have it the

outside corners beautiful all right now

check out this Court's this Court's

blends right in here to the floor

go figure look at that that court I just

courts I just cut looks like the floor

how cool is that

okay all right now what you do at this

point okay once you have established

your corners now you go here to the back

you may be you go to the back of your

trim mark all right when you take a

measurement of your trim okay and then

you cut a piece to fit alright so what

I'm going to do is I got this here to

the corners matched up where I want them

here all right and all dialed in all

right well I can take a measurement okay

from the backside of my cut here at the

short point where I'm calling the short

point to the end of my tile and then I

take that measurement and I add it from

the corner here and I grab that corner

this outside corner here

and they measure back that links or you

can just do it this way alright so it

take the short point which is right here

I'm going to markets and you can see it

that short point is right here okay

right at this point right there now you

can see it better and that goes to the

outside corner BAM

alright then I come back here or I put

tape on both sides alright and this is

locked in place on both sides and I'm

going to take my pencil and I'm going to

mark the floor where I can see it right

here then I'm going to take that

measurement all right then I'm going to

cut like which will go back here to the

to the backside here of that leg on the

trim and the door casing and that will

fill that in then the same thing on the

face of this cabinet alright so I'm

going to take this this piece you do the

same thing bring this up up bring it out

line up the corner so the corners are

matching on the outside and then bark

back here on the floor and then you cut

your next piece but you want your

shortest piece against the wall

alright your short pieces go from the

wall your long pulling pieces extend out

from that first piece alright so the

short piece goes against the wall

alright now

okay now I hope that's there is not if

you have any questions feel free to ask

remember the 45 to speed square the

outside if the numbers everything going

across all right the outside long points

of that for your 45 and but it's still

in your showing you that so I look

forward to hear from you remember tell a

friend it's a win win win about easy to

tips and tricks when you see everything

the close and personal so looks like

they got to go watch some oil and so

we'll have to end this live string it's

been fun

I've got a remnant so remember how to

cut an outside corner okay on outside

corner you want to cut the back sides of

your trim them for an outside corner

okay for an inside corner and you cut

the face of the trim alright and that

way this goes to the inside alright and

I want to get into showing you how to

make a reverse cut here so it goes from

this angle

all right get your 45 outside corner and

then it makes your turn here and go

straight across on the backside all

right that's a compound cut and these

mean you want these go in one face cut

one backside cut in order to produce

that okay which I'll show you here real

quick real quick I'll show you

I actually already have a piece cut what

I was going to show you that in the

beginning all right

this compound cuts can be confusing

that's where you want to mark your

material sorry you put all that

confusion there with the camera all

right now you look at these pieces on

all right now for example we have you

got outside corner cut and the inside

corner are right so they're going in two

different directions

now but when you have a compound cut or

cut that's going to take a turn right

this is what you want to do all right

let's get this turned around where I can

show you how okay we're gonna use this

right here okay this is because it goes

you're inside all right or outside cut

outside corner here's the outside corner

folks right here and this is at a 90

here's your outside corner okay there it


outside corner all right now you have

your outside corner all right now what

we're gonna do is well know this is

gonna need though this takes off and you

just go straight on the wall right if

you come from the outside corner it goes

down and then you've got your wall back

here that runs and you want it to tie in

that's gotta be an inside cut see so

we're going to take this here all right

I'm going to flip this around

well this needs to be cut the other

direction that needs to be cut the other

direction that's not working well here

we go all right

and so now this is running across your

wall over here all right and then this

is the outside corner here and then the

inside corner is over here see the

inside you're on the inside inside

corner so if this was a wall right here

that would be your trim for your wall on

the inside corner all right so you want

to make both of these going in opposite

directions inside cut cutting on the

face remember you want to inside corner

you cut the face you want it outside

corner you cut the back all right so

this goes to the inside corner not to

confuse you see there's the inside

corner there BAM all right now the

outside corner where you cut the

backside let's get this up here all

right the backside outside corner

there's the outside corner get the

backside of your trim whether it's wood

tile a tree a limb

don't matter backside outside corner

front side cut in the front of the tile

all right 45 facing the front of the


Bigfoot SilverSneakers hiding seekers

how we doin bro good to see you here out

inside corner alright so you cut the

face for the inside

you cut the backside for the outside

corner this is for people that are

learning make it this is easy to get all


alright so outside cut inside cut

cutting the face for an inside cut

cutting the backside for an outside cut

that's all you got to remember on your

trim no matter what kind of trim you cut

the face of it for an inside corner

because there it is you can see the 45

so you're cutting the face to get that

corner inside you're cutting the

backside for the outsides alright one

more time

BAM outside corner we cut the backside

of the material inside corner we cut the

face of this like that saw okay went

right across the face of this material

to make that cut across the face okay

and that's the inside corner right there

BAM whoops through these all right oh

you missed cutting this slab right here

Bigfoot silver hide and seekers I

appreciate you being here

this is quartz I found this rock in my

yard could be golden in their heels my

dad used to tell me that rust color

there could be gold dust in that rust I

don't know much about it I know my dad

mention that well here's the rock I cut

it off of I found in my yard first time

to ever make a slab right there so that

was kind of cool to do so that's not the

beginning of my video on middle of my

video anyway

so let that's that now if you might want

to do a play back there Bigfoot's eat

silver see Bigfoot silver hide and

seekers is that your channel while back

it's been I don't know week or two I

left your comment yeah thought you might

like that

and see here's my outside corner here

this is actually going in goes up to my

cabinet alright that goes around my

cabinet and that's fit really nice okay

appreciate that brother and then I'll

show you that this is a return into

itself this is how you finish off so you

don't see you're not looking at the

square end like a butt joint you cut it

to it you you cut a piece to itself and

this is just what you do is you cut your

45 then you cut your 45 off right here

straight and you end up with this okay

now let me show you how that works

alright we're going to use hold on let

me get this reposition care alright now

we're going to put this here and then

this is going to end like this

right for example well you don't want

that looking ugly

so you bring this piece and you put it

at the end and it finishes off really

nice see just by adding creating that 45

and it's a left and a right you put

together all right

I'm only problem is on this piece it's

not quite right but this is what you end

up with a nice finished end all right

that you see and it's called to be a

return unto itself that's the

terminology a return unto itself

because it goes back to itself see and

it finishes off if that wasn't there it

would look just fine okay it would be

all you know it hit you'd have the

ceramic on it we look nice um but it's a

return to itself and that's how you do

that it takes your 45 cut it straight

all right

and it's an opposite so it's the left

you need to make a rise to right you

need to make a left then you bring it to

itself you've got this real nice

finished end that finishes it off nicely

all right my god oil heating I got oil

heating then we have to end this

livestream appreciate you being here

Bigfoot silver seekers Bigfoot silver

hide and seekers keep up the good work

on your channel I'll be by to visit and

don't be a stranger bro Percy to be in

here for seat your time and your support

you know well you've been on my channel

way here and a half or two nowadays hi

didn't see Bigfoot silver hide and

seekers there you go thank you yeah I

think you've been a part of my channel

for a couple years

that's a while it's kind of cool finally

getting monetized that should have

happened like a year and a half ago you

know just got a plug along you know keep

on pushing and


but if you ever need a phone call let me

know you know you can strange emails and

do a phone call and have a conversation

you could do that too all right bro I

got oil heating up my wife's took off I

got to go check it so catch you on the

rebound god bless bye for now stay safe

and might want to Google thieves

essential oil like a thief thieves

essential oil by Young Living and tea

tree oil you can dilute it down with

water but make it concentrated and spray

your mouth with it spray a mist and

inhale it up your nose

you know tea tree oil alright that was

free I have a good one bye for now

kitchen the rebound bro and I proceed

everyone that comes in here after the

live stream let me know what you think

if you have any questions feel free to

ask bye for now and keep looking up

YouTube bro take care bye for now