Easy step to make 45 degree offset cable tray/Pipe and Air duct

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no guys they did show how to bend the

cable train for people angry and first

you need a calculator and we will apply

the trigonometry formula we will be

here's the illustration

it's the hypotenuse and just have you

know opposite and we will apply to the

cable play assume that this cable play

is hundred mm by hundred Romero size and

we need to bend 45 degrees let us assume

that this opposite is 20 centimeter the

height of the bend we want to make so

first calculate enter the height or the

opposite twenty divided by sine 45

degrees 12 20 point 20 so we now have

the hype hypotenuse unknown so we will

be needing here

we will put from here we will make

measurement from here to here if we

bullet up into eight point twenty eight

centimeter and then the next step is to

find out how much this cutting so

assuming that this cable tray is under

them m in size so we just need to divide

the hundred mm by two point five two and


well it's 40 mm so we now have this

cutting 40 mm and 40 mm 40 mm here 40 mm

he runs so you need to cut this one by

the use of jigsaw or if you don't have

dig so you can use by capsule as per my

experience we need this for galvanized

type and for this perforated die balsa

so now you can remove the v-shape this

one this one and they will Bend

and the outcome will be like this thank

you guys