How to cut a 44 Gallon drum

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hey everyone its Harvey here from eco

crowd picked up his 44 gallon drum of

gum free for 8 bucks and I want to make

a couple of things out of it so what I

want to do is make a fire pit out of it

and make a planter clouded with some

pallets that I picked up for free off

gum tree as well so what we want to do

first is cut this in half so we just

measure it up on the halfway line mark

it out just pin slide up eight ninety

five four four five alright so we've

marked it out so now we want to cut it

in half so I'm going to use an angle

grinder so for that I want to have some

safety glasses on and some earplugs then

just cut it in half



all right today we have two are these

yet so the next step is to make a fire