10 Easy Tips to Cut 500 Calories a Day

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namaste YouTube I'm Saira and welcome

back to my channel this is where I bring

you the latest in food fashion and

fitness with an Indian twist there are

some strategic and easy ways to make

changes into your daily life to really

create long term healthy habits in this

video we're going to talk about 10 ways

to ask 500 calories out of your day

coming up next give you guys an idea it

takes a deficit 3,500 calories to lose

one pound but with some of the easy tips

that we're gonna talk about in this

video you'll be losing weight in no time

tip number one putting your sandwich on

a salad it sounds really strange but

it's actually a very very calorie saving

tip eliminating two big pieces of bread

with mayonnaise can save up to 500

calories and when you order a sandwich

just put the contents of the sandwich on