Crazy Way of Cutting 4x4 Lumber

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all right so I want to show you a little

bit of my trick or I don't know that's

how I do it because I'm not good in

reading measurements and stuff so I'm

doing it let's just call it the island

way all right all right you know I'll

show you here in this hole and what I do

it's 22 I can reach that one very easy

it's 22

so I want to cut my post 21 in half just

to give me room to move around so I come

here right here all right so now now you

can see that's where I'm gonna cut it

right over here and I'm gonna cut it in

however the depth of this this wood is

so what I do my songs I put it up here I

line it up with this oh that's simple

right you don't have to measure anything

coming on like you mm-hmm

you get it and then so what I do i I'm

work the bottom here on this site so you