EASY WAY to Get a Clean Cut on 4 INCH PVC

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he's a way to get a clean cut on four

inch PVC is really something you need to

work on not just four inch PVC three

inch and 2 inch also but four inch might

be one of the most difficult because of

the tools and going all the way through

the pot there's really only a couple of

tricks remember that when you pull back

is actually when it's cutting when you

slide forward it's actually sliding and

you can tell by the angle of the teeth

the teeth are actually angled to where

it grabs when it's coming back so what

your main concern is you want to make

sure that you are holding this saw

straight up and down when you're cutting

the main thing you want to remember is

holding the saw straight up and down

perpendicular to the pot is your most

critical thing here and why is it

important to cut straight that's going

to help make sure that you get a good

connection on your PVC glue joint and

it's just one of the things that's going

to help that but it's very critical the

inside of the fitting is square and you

want to make sure you cut your pipe the

same way that way it has that full face

to contact with when you make that glue

joint so what you're going to do first

is actually get your tape measure out

and measure to where you want to cut and

what I do is either where I want to cut

I'll either make the mark right there

and know to cut dead center or I may

make the cut a hair to the right knowing

that whenever I cut that that's gonna

leave me right where I want to be so

what I'll do is get my marker get my

marker and know right where I want to

cut so what I will do is make the mark

right where I want it and then make a

little line off to the side and that

lets me know that that is the piece of

pipe that stained when it's time to cut

when I line up I'm gonna get right on my

mark and I know that this is the side

going away but we've always got to think

about safety first so anytime you're

cutting PVC you want to make sure you

got your safety glasses on and we've got

down a mat that way any shavings don't

get in the carpet

if you're working in a work area you

want to make sure you keep your area


PVC shavings can get very slippery so we

put this mat down that way it catches it

and doesn't let it get in the carpet

when it's time to cut line everything up

and look right straight down the side of

your blade you want to make sure like I

said that when we cut this what we're

doing where our mark is we're going to

cut that mark so we know that on this

side is right where I want that flush

edge to be so once you get where you

want pull back and start out really slow

there's no point and getting into a rush

in the beginning now I've got a little

groove right there right where I want to

cut so literally I want to keep looking

at the blade I'm not worried about the

pipe because I've got the pipe right

where I want it and it's secured in the

pen device so it doesn't move once I've

got it now I want to hold this side and

just make sure that I'm going through

them doing what I'm supposed to now you

can feel on the way back is when its

grip on the way forward it's really

sliding so on the way forward I mean

even if I push down it doesn't slow down

but when I pull back that's when it

grips that's when the teeth are biting

into the pipe making a cut

now as you can see we have a nice

straight cut and that's what we're

looking for now the good thing is as

long as I cut this one nice and straight

this next piece it's already got a nice

straight edge there for the next piece

that way it can be square on both ends

now there's a couple of things I like

doing after I make the cut number one

take a file and take that sharp corner

off if you look on the inside of a PVC

fitting it's beveled so it doesn't just

go straight flat where this glue joint

makes up it's actually beveled so what I

like to do is file down the end of this

and kind of put that same bevel on the

PVC pipe and it doesn't take much you're

not following that's hung off of it now

one other thing you can do is either

take your half round file and do the

same thing on the inside or one thing I

do is take a reamer and that's right

there when you feel it you can tell both

sides feel really good and it's nice and

straight now I used a straight saw for

PVC I love these hand saws they weren't

great but you can also use a sawzall

using a sawzall will do the same thing

one thing I tell people try not to cut

it super fast I understand that watching

that blade and going straight down is

something you want to do no matter what

kind of saw you have one thing I really

don't like to cut PVC with is a hacksaw

that little thin blade is really hard to

try to control I'm not saying you can't

do it I've done it for years so I know

that I can do it

but it's one thing that if you have

another saw available like a handsaw or

a sawzall better than that even a chop

saw and I've been on big jobs where we

cut a lot of PVC and we had a chop saw

to where we can make perfectly straight

cuts every single time

do me a favor down in the comments leave

a note let me know what kind of saw do

you like using for cutting PVC I've

actually got tubing cutters with special

blades that are big enough I can cut PVC

with that we used to use that for see

PVC working on some big industrial

projects I've been up so guys understand

there are different saws there are

different uses for the different saws

finding the saw that you like best and

learning to do it the right way is the

best thing you can do so do me a favor

leave a comment let me know what your

favorite is or let me know if you've got

a different one you'd like to learn

about I'm Roger Wakefield lead AP the

expert plumber and I'll see you on the

next video if you don't get flushed