Cutting PVC pipe in half

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hello everyone lose that's what here I

have a project coming up that I need a

half a piece of PVC and this is my

solution for how I'm going to safely cut

that I've got some acetate here I'm

cleaning this PVC off because I want it

to be very very clean for a good glue

bond once that's cleaned

I'm gonna put a nice thick bead of hot

glue on it and roll it on to a scrap

piece of 2x4 and press it really well

I'm in no rush here I'm with this glue

bond to work I won't wait about five

minutes to make sure that that's set up

just right so once that set up I'll just

cut it with my bandsaw


quick sanding on the edges here picks up

that rough spot I don't have a clue what

was in here

here's an old teacher trick on how to