Beginner Quilt Series - How to Cut Quilt Squares

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hi this is and this

is our first video in a learn to quilt

series of videos in this quilt series I

will show you how to me a quilt out of

five inch squares it's a very simple

quilt but it's a great way to start and

learn the basics of quilting I'm going

to make this quilt out of these three

fabrics and it's going to actually be a

baby size quilt

some things you need for your first step

in making this quilt is we are going to

be cutting five inch squares when we

quill we usually use a cutting mat in

order to help us cut nice even squares

of the same size we use a cutting mat

and ruler a ruler this is a long ruler

which is nice for cutting the full width

of the fabric and you also use a rotary

cutter where do colors are very sharp so

we have to be very careful with them to

cut the five inch squares I have the

fabric folded with the Solich together I

then line the selvage up along the one

edge of my cutting mat so that I know

it's straight the first thing we want to

do then is to straighten this edge of

the fabric so I have put the ruler and

it there's a lip on my ruler so I can

make sure that it's straight and I'm

going to cut off a small amount along

this edge so that I know that it's

straight okay so my ruler here is five

inches wide so I can then just cut on

the other side of this ruler and I will

have a five inch strip if you don't have

a fight if you don't have a five inch

ruler you can line your fabric up on one

of the

numbered lines on the edge so I usually

line it up and then I can line up my

ruler since this is on the 20 I can line

up my ruler on the 15 at the top and the

bottom always make sure you line it up

all the way across so you can see when I

go all the way to the other end I'm

going to make sure that this is the 15th

that my ruler is lined up on the 15 they

are also to make sure it's straight and

then cut the strip being very careful to

hold the ruler so that it doesn't move

so now I have one 5 inch strip and first

first I'm going to cut off to solve a

judge now and I am making sure that my

ruler is straight my fabric is along one

of the lines and my ruler is straight so

I get a nice actual a 5 inch square now

other way we can cut these squares is by

using this is a 6 inch or actually it's

a six and a half inch square ruler so I

can see that I have five inches there

and what I can do is line the 5 inch

mark on my ruler up there and I can line

the 5 inch up on this corner so that so

then I'm sure that I have a square also

my 5 inch is here in the corner

and then I can cut five inch squares for

a baby size quilt we can make we can cut

35 inch squares and that will give us a

quilt that has five five squares across

by six squares down which is a nice size

for a baby quilt if you want it to make

it a little bit bigger you could add

another another set of row or column

another way to get your five inch

squares is to purchase a charm pack

charm packs include a collection of five

inch squares that usually are all from

the same line of fabric so they're all

coordinated together into one line these

are already cut at five inches by five

inches and they usually come with about

42 squares in the pack and these are two

different charm square packs that I just

happen to have to show as a sample if

you buy the charm square packs obviously

you don't have to do all this cutting

and you can skip this step so as you can

see I've cut ten squares of my three

different fabrics too so I have all the

squares I'll need to be making the baby

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