Beginner Quilt Series - How to Cut Quilt Squares

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hi this is and this

is our first video in a learn to quilt

series of videos in this quilt series I

will show you how to me a quilt out of

five inch squares it's a very simple

quilt but it's a great way to start and

learn the basics of quilting I'm going

to make this quilt out of these three

fabrics and it's going to actually be a

baby size quilt

some things you need for your first step

in making this quilt is we are going to

be cutting five inch squares when we

quill we usually use a cutting mat in

order to help us cut nice even squares

of the same size we use a cutting mat

and ruler a ruler this is a long ruler

which is nice for cutting the full width

of the fabric and you also use a rotary

cutter where do colors are very sharp so