EASY WAY to Get a Clean Cut on 4 INCH PVC

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he's a way to get a clean cut on four

inch PVC is really something you need to

work on not just four inch PVC three

inch and 2 inch also but four inch might

be one of the most difficult because of

the tools and going all the way through

the pot there's really only a couple of

tricks remember that when you pull back

is actually when it's cutting when you

slide forward it's actually sliding and

you can tell by the angle of the teeth

the teeth are actually angled to where

it grabs when it's coming back so what

your main concern is you want to make

sure that you are holding this saw

straight up and down when you're cutting

the main thing you want to remember is

holding the saw straight up and down

perpendicular to the pot is your most

critical thing here and why is it