Cutting Clay Pipes with a Sawzall

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today we're going to cut through a clay

drainpipe using an ordinary sawzall I'm

working on replacing an old floor trap

in the basement of my house and this

video will supplement the main video for

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bell now there's a handful of ways you

could cut terracotta or clay pipe you

could use an angle grinder with a

diamond wheel on it you could use a

circular saw with a masonry blade on it

you could use a pipe braking tool which

kind of looks like a chain with a bunch

of little disks on it but if you're a

normal homeowner and this is something

you're gonna do very rarely one of the

things you might already have is a

sawzall and the beauty of a sawzall is

that you can kind of work in holes and

things that you otherwise might not be

able to get something like a circular

saw into now if you're not working in a

hole I would suggest maybe one of the

more rotating style options that I

suggested because one of the issues with

a sawzall as they do really shake things

so what I did to my clay pipe here is I

made sure to brace it really good I

found it a 1 by 3 up underneath it and

and I've put my foot on it nice and hard

just to make sure that it's really not

going to vibrate and the blade that I'm

using here is a special blade it's a

carbide grit blade and this is a Freud

Diablo I really like pretty much all the

blades that they make and I'll put a

link to this in the description if you

want to use a similar one I think this

one is 8 inches which works well for

anything from a three inch to maybe a

five inch terracotta clay pipe and and

one benefit of a blade like this other

than you know it's intended for masonry

type things or cast iron is that it

doesn't grab quite as hard as your more

aggressive toothed blades will and

that's that's a good thing when you're

working with terracotta because you

don't want to just shake the

heck out of that pipe or you could end

up with a broken pipe up the stream so

just be really cautious about you know

making sure your pipe isn't shaking and

if it is you don't have it braced good

enough or maybe you're not using the

right blade something else that I have

for this project is a cup of water to

cool my blade because it'll take about

five minutes to cut through this

terracotta with this blade and over that

time I'm gonna have to cool it probably

every 30 seconds because I don't want to

wear this blade out prematurely it

should last quite a few cuts if you take

good care of it so just dip it in the

water every once in a while just to cool

it off and to make you know safety to be

a little bit safer because you're gonna

dip it in water make sure to plug into a

GFI outlet so if you have a bathroom

nearby plug into one of those little

outlets with the reset button on them

and that way if you were to create a

short you're not gonna really have any

issues with shock so let's go ahead and

we'll start cutting into this terracotta








and that's all there is to it to cutting

a clay pipe stay tuned and I'll show you

how to couple PVC pipe into an old clay