Cutting Concrete with a Circular Saw

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on today's episode we're gonna cut

concrete with a circular saw now this is

just an ordinary Sidewinder style

circular saw if you have a worm drive

saw that's really gonna be a better

option for this because you've kind of

got a little bit more isolation between

a motor and in my case the water that

will be touching the floor but we'll

make sure to take lots of safety

precautions just to try to you know make

sure nobody gets shocked here the first

safety precaution we're gonna do is

we're gonna make sure we plug this onto

a GFI outlet so I'm running this to my

kitchen where I've got a GFI that if

something were to short out because of

the water it'll pop and stop rather than

shock you you know the the other thing

I'm gonna do is they recommend you wear

gloves of course you never want to wear