Best Way To Cut And Glue Abs Pipe - How To Glue Abs

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in this video we're going to show you

guys the proper way how to cut and glue

abs let's get to it

Carsten and I'm clay and we are the

plumbing gurus thanks for tuning in to

our Channel and on this channel we're

gonna be teaching you all the proper

plumbing practices and saving you money

the Google question of the day you want

to know what was your first behind a

cordless power tool

yeah thanks Clayton let us know in the

comments below mine was the Walt what

was yours plate actually I think it was

master craft and I absolutely hated the

drill okay

Oh quite fortunately you got one of

those duel pits with us from Wade yeah

yeah I thought it was good the master

and then I brought it out where my

friendship and yeah alright guys so like