How to Cut Wire - 4/0 to 22 AWG

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everybody it's Nate from exploring sad

life I teach people how to build DIY

campers in this video is the first video

of a new playlist covering the very

basics how to wire your camper I'm

talking 101 level skills that you'll

need to tackle DIY electrical projects

in your camper in this video I'm going

to teach you how to cut wire now cutting

wires a pretty simple task as long as

you have the right tools for the job and

since there's a really good chance that

in your electrical project you'll have

to cut wires from as small as 22 gauge

wire all the way up to huge Faurot wire

I'm going to talk you through my choices

for tools that will allow for maximum

wire cutting effectiveness and minimum

cussing now before we get started I put

together a list of tools that we'll be

talking about today in the description