Cutting Balsa Wood with Silhouette Cameo 4 and the 3mm Kraft Blade

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one thing I've learned is no matter what

thickness bustled wood you're using

since it is such a soft wood it is best

to mirror the object that you're going

to cut so that it leaves the

indentations on the back side instead of

the front side now let's begin

when I'm cutting one point five

millimeter balsa wood

I choose balsa wood in the sand panel

using tool 2 and I leave the default

settings as they are except I changed

the passes from 2 to 4 then I send it to

my cameo to cut I've sped up the last 3

passes just so you could see that I

really did do it and I didn't want you

to have to sit through it in real time

when the job is complete but before

unloading your mat make certain your

object has been cut completely through

I usually insert something under the