How to Cut Thick Felt (3mm+) | The Felt Store

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Hello, and welcome to the felt store YouTube channel.

Today we will be showing you how to cut thick felt by hand.

We will be demonstrating on our three millimeter Designer felt

and 1 inch thick Industrial felt.

To get started you will need the following items:

a sharp utility knife or rotary knife,

a straight edge,

a cutting board, and your piece of felt.

We will use the rotary knife for our three millimeter felt

and utility knife for our Industrial felt.

However, in both instances the utility knife will do the trick.

To start, make sure to measure out your piece of felt

so that you know what measurements to cut,

and make little marks, or a line, for referencing.

Once you're all set with your measurements mapped out,

grab your straight edge and your rotary knife,

and all you have to do is gently score along the ruler

until you get that nice, straight cut.

Next, let's do the same to our Industrial felt.

Take your ruler,

place your measurements,