Cutting and Edge Wrapping PPF | How To Paint Protection Film

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all right so there you have it Maui Mike

says it doesn't look like a million

bucks it looks like more like 750

thousand and the gold standard is him

back there at a million bucks

go get him Maui Mike hey guys you ever

want to learn how to do tight edges

without doing a lot of trimming

underneath getting a nice clean edge and

getting your horns wrap stick around



today I'm going to show you how I like

to cut these edges on these hoods or

same thing if you're doing bulk installs

on a fender around doors I'm going to

show you how I cut them and then how we

use a propane torch to wrap these and

without having to do a lot of major

cutting underneath when we're all done

alright guys so one of the first things

I do after I've laid a hood I run all

the edges here and make sure that

they're locked down with alcohol you

don't want to be able to pull this up

and have it lift and I take my scissors

and run my scissors right along this

edge here and it gives you a nice clean

uniform cut what I'm doing is I'm

letting the on this side I'm letting

this nut ride right along this edge and

it's giving me a nice little kind of

sticking here it's giving me a nice

little flap here to fold underneath

there so we'll go down to the center

there like so get that cut and then here

we'll take our knife and we'll make the

same type of cut here along that with

our knife and just try to match that

that distance there we'll try not to

block yeah

cut started and just bring it here and

then when we get down here we'll make a

little turn and I'm gonna let this ride

along here so when I get to this point

here I'll show you how we cut that and

save you from having to cut underneath

the hood one more time or have a big

flap of film to fold underneath and

fight with four edges along the side of

the hood I use the actual fender as a

guide so we've started this here when we

made our turn and now the knife is just

riding right along on this fender edge

stick it out just a little bit more here

and it's just using that as a guide

and then we can pull this off here so

and now all we have left to wrap is this

little little bit of an edge here and

we'll open up the hood but you can see

how much there is maybe less than a

quarter of an inch that will wrap

underneath and once that's wrapped

underneath there it'll look nice neat

and clean it's not a big overhang but

because we did it in bulk that gave us

the opportunity to pull us and stretch

it how we wanted to without putting our

hands up here and trying to manipulate

the film to go where we want to running

the risk of creating adhesive

disturbances the front we can use the

same process as the back if you have

room for the scissors if you don't then

you can use your knife I have plenty of

room here so I'll use my scissors and

run that right along there like so

and these scissors are nice and sharp

they do a good job you can pick these up

at like any fabric store so we've got a

nice cut there we may have to trim a

little bit off this corner here once we

wrap it well you don't have to go around

and reframe this whole hood this section

right here will do the same thing we did

with our knife along the side we'll take

and put our blade in here and get it to

go there we go

blades in there and now I'm just

bringing it around and I've already

checked and make sure there's not a

gasket underneath there I'm cutting or

anything like that we can make a nice

rounded cut here if we want and just

snip it off like that again I'm just

taking this and running it right along

the edge here and I've got this edge

lock down and remember

all right so when we get to a corner

like this and I'm gonna try to do this

one-handed because I've got my camera up

as high as it'll go so you're gonna heat

the corner up and you don't want to rap

into the corner this way or this way you

want to start the corner first and roll

that around and then work your way out

with the film like so one like that and


this will probably need a little more

heat down here and it still we've got a

lot of moisture here and we're still

dealing with that I'll show you how to

trim this back so it looks nice and neat

and clean

if that wrap them in there get this

wrapped all along here


we'll grab our blade here and instead of

dragging the blade across it we're gonna

find where this is just starting to

wrinkle right there and we're gonna take

our blade and just roll it so I'm gonna

get it on the edge here and we're just

gonna roll our blade like so and now

you've got a cut that goes in a nice arc

all the way around that corner I can get

this off the heat really makes this

stuff stick well so we'll come back and

we'll just kind of trim this flap up

underneath here just a little bit there

is a slight little ledge underneath here

so we're riding right on the edge of

that ledge and then this right here

we've got just ever so slight bit of

fingering right here and I can't get to

that side of it so I'm just kind of a

blind cut here right to our edge where

we rolled it


and it's stuck like a mofo there there

we go

we got that edge done and we just taken

we're gonna kiss that one more time with

a little heat make sure it stays locked

down does it pop back up

and there you've got a nice clean corner

with a nice clean edge so instead of

having a cut out on your corner where

you would normally have a cut out going

starting probably right about here and

cutting out and then coming back around

leaving this corner here exposed your

wrapped all the way down right into the

inside right we're actually right to

there so we wrapped in there pretty good

once this hits close nobody's gonna see

the edge nobody's gonna see the corner

all right

so we're gonna wrap this edge right here

one thing I didn't share with you guys

was this glove that I have it's called a

ghost love and I like to use this when

I'm wrapping edges or if I'm post

heating something and want to get

something to stick inside of a valley of

a bumper or something but this this

glove just glides really really nice

across the film and so you can take a

little heat if you want and use this

glove with some heat and get your film

to lay really nice all down on eath here


this pledge right along the edge it

doesn't hang up you'll notice sometimes

if you get film really hot the glove or

your finger will hang up and cut it up

pull the film and create these little

fingers and then in essence it will kind

of rule in that edge there so this

doesn't ruin the edge gives the

opportunity to really put some pressure

on on these along here and you really

get them to stick down okay so we

finished wrapping these edges here I'll

pull the camera in so you can check them

out they they look really nice and

really tight and really invisible if we

can get a little focus on that but the

edge is just just wrap right underneath

here right along here all the way down

and depending on the the width of your

gap down here we'll determine how much

film is actually going to wrap around

but you don't need you know to have a

half an inch of film underneath here to

get this all to to stick you know the

old-school way was you know have an inch

wrap or half an inch wrap underneath

here and you have all this and most guys

don't don't trim it off I get a lot of

cars in from from various shops for

either you know they have a panel

replaced from a body shop or something

you see up here this is all laid down we

haven't laid this down over here you

just doing this side here for the for

the video for you guys but this is all

laid in here this is actually metal

right here that's not film we've got it

all laid down in here and it all looks

get the glove in there so it'll focus

all looks really nice and then from the

top you're not going to see any notches

here or over here

no notches everything sealed covered

and ready to roll yeah alright alright

guys thanks for watching I hope you got

some value out of this if you did

subscribe to the channel and we'll catch

you on the next one