How to Install 3D Wall Panels Around Outlets and Light Switches - Talissa Decor

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hello this is Vlad from Talisa decor and

today going to show you how to install

the 3d wall panel on the wall when you

have a receptacle or light switch

generally the installation of the

ceiling tiles over the plain wall it's a

fairly easy process the only thing you

need it's just the glue finishing nails

and this is pretty much it you apply the

glue on the back of the panel and a glue

it under the wall but join them side by

side nice and easy

they little bit more complicated when

you have in the middle of the wall or

anywhere in the wall you have a light

light switch or receptacle now because

the panel's they have a fairly deep

design almost some of the panels they

can be about one inch deep the regular

plate that you have once you cut the

panel you'll see the holes because they

taught the tiles as you can see from

behind the hollows so when you cut it

when you do the cutting

in a panel they the width of the plate

the standard plate is it's only about

quarter of an inch less than quarter of

an inch so obviously you're gonna see

the holes now you don't want to see them

so here what you can do one of the

options of course of course you can

remove they're SEPA completely close it

and remove it but sometimes you have to

leave it or if it's for example a light

switch you have to leave it on this on

the place so I'm gonna show you how can

you do it so we're gonna look nice on

the wall now to do that to install the

panel's you have to you have to find

it's called starter box we found it some

Home Depot they be available in

different with this one is about I would

say one inch deep they're also available

anything want wanna hop up two inches

wide so for profit for this particular

panel one inch would be enough so you

bring this you bring this box and what

you do

first of all let's unscrew the existing


obviously turn off the power and we take

the plate off keep all day little screws

because we're gonna reuse them okay now

we're gonna take the light switch or

receptacle out okay

like right now I'm gonna take the box

take the extension box sentry and Mark

it on the wall

okay once done right now we're gonna

take the measurement from either the

previous panel it's already installed or

in my case from the molding to which I

gonna bug the panel so I'm gonna take in

measurements I can write them down on

the wall because they're gonna be if my

writings will be covered so we have here

almost fifteen fourteen seven eight each

the next measurement gonna be up to here

up to the right side of the box so it's

going to be 17 and seven eight eleven

and a half

16 and a quarter okay

now I'm taking the panel my panel gonna

be here installed here and I get a mark

the same the same marks that I have on

the wall

I gotta find them on my panel so 14 and


17 and 7 8 11 and a half 16 and a

quarter so once I make all the older

marks I'm gonna draw the exactly the

same exactly the same square here okay

so my bug is gonna be exactly in front

of the there aseptically now using the

sharp utility knife I'm gonna cut out

the hole according to the lines that I

just made now to save some time I'm

gonna show it's already pre-cut okay and

I'll put it on the back to see that's

exactly the same size that I needed and

now what I need to do I just need to

glue to glue my panel on the wall so to

glue the panel's to recommend to use the

contact cement adhesive now for the

better results also recommend to use the

finishing nails for this presentation

I'm not gonna do that but generally it's

a good idea to do the finishing nails

too just to secure the secure the panel

on the drywall

now it's when installing the panels it's

very important to apply the adhesive on

both on the wall and on the panel

okay almost done now if you working

against the frame it's a good idea

always that you put a bit of a masking

tape in order not to touch it okay now

we're gonna apply that he's a fond a

panel itself on the back of the panel

just pay attention only apply that he's

on the back of the panel you don't need

to go inside the plane inside the waves

because they're not gonna touch the wall


you apply the adhesive only on the parts

that's sticking out the ones are going

to be attached to the wall pay an extra

attention to apply that he's if evenly

on the edges because you want to have

nice tight edges nice tight joints I


okay one was done okay now according to

the instructions when you find on any

kind of contact cement they're gonna buy

you can find you can find the

instructions you have to wait usually

it's about five minutes to let that he's

if to let the solvent to evaporate so

when she went to apply that he's it from

the wall you don't put it right away

you don't put the panel right over the

wall you have to wait so they that he's

if has to be almost dried and just a

little bit tacky

for the touch so we're gonna wait an

extra minute and then we're gonna


now when you install a panel in the wall

it's important to make sure it catches

the wall everywhere let's wire around my

finger along all the waves okay right

now we're going to install the base of

the extension box

once the basin is installed I can

install the Box on top of it now

the good thing about this box is there

paintable so you can do it before you

install you can painted the same color

you intend to paint the wall or you can

paint them with a with a panels

themselves once you've done your


okay now we're gonna screwed now we're

going to screw the iris up septal itself

today extension box

okay and as a last touch-up I can

install the plate back to my box we are

almost there okay and last thing we need

to do is using a caulking gun and hallux

bus paintable caulk to seal those little

gaps that they have here on the side to

make to make this box or its receptacle

blend in with the tile

once you finish talking you can finish

install the panels in the wall and

you're done

I hope you liked the video thanks for