How to Install 3D Wall Panels Around Outlets and Light Switches - Talissa Decor

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hello this is Vlad from Talisa decor and

today going to show you how to install

the 3d wall panel on the wall when you

have a receptacle or light switch

generally the installation of the

ceiling tiles over the plain wall it's a

fairly easy process the only thing you

need it's just the glue finishing nails

and this is pretty much it you apply the

glue on the back of the panel and a glue

it under the wall but join them side by

side nice and easy

they little bit more complicated when

you have in the middle of the wall or

anywhere in the wall you have a light

light switch or receptacle now because

the panel's they have a fairly deep

design almost some of the panels they

can be about one inch deep the regular

plate that you have once you cut the

panel you'll see the holes because they