HOW I TRIM MY CURLY HAIR AT HOME (advice from a curly hairstylist)

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what's good everybody it is I Mel your

main girl also known as means by


hence the scissors I am a hair stylist

so today I'm going to be creating a

mains by mouth on my own head by giving

myself a trim because I'm long overdue

we can see here when I'm wearing black

it really shows how bad my ends have

gotten so as I'm trimming I'll be

explaining to guys why I'm doing what

I'm doing what a trim a trim just the

trim really is when you need to get it

done and even how to actually do it

depending on the look you're going for

then keep watching this video and let's

get to it so first off what is a trim

let's clear this up really quickly okay

a trim trim trim trim is best described

as a maintenance for the current hair

that you have on your head so whether

you are maintaining a certain shape that

you have or you're maintaining the

health of your hair to maintain the

length of it it is simply a cleanup of

ends that have thinned out kind of split

broken off and are looking kind of

straggly as we can very clearly see here

now maybe let's define what maintenance

is maintenance means to maintain it is a

process again to maintain a current

shape that you have or to maintain your

length this comes through routine and

through regularity however a trip is not

the only way to maintain healthy hair

there are a number of ways to preserve

your hair's health low manipulation

styles little chemical processing low

heat and using the right products like

deep conditioning and repairing

treatments especially the right

cleansers and conditioners for your hair

type and etc etc you may be doing all of

these things but you still need to get a

trim okay so when do you need to trim

your hair you need to consider the

following one what is your current hair

situation is your hair transitioning is

it colored highlighted damaged heat

styled often protective styles etc etc

typically okay the more you do to your

hair the more you need to maintain it

more manipulation into your hair causes

more stress on your strands and

therefore it causes them to wear and

tear and causes your ends to look like

this they are dry they are tangley they

are splitting you got the fairy knots so

if some or all of these things are

happening to you you got a trim in so

number three what is your texture you

need to consider this because thin and

fine hair is typically weaker and is

more prone to damage therefore it needs

to be trimmed more frequently compared

to thick strands that are coarser and

typically just normal they can take a

little more without getting so damaged

the next thing you want to consider it

is what your hair goal is are you

growing your hair or are you maintaining

a length and a shape this point helps to

give you a better idea of how long to

wait in between your trims if you are

growing your hair you want to give your

hair enough time in between your

haircuts to actually achieve some length

but before the end start to split and

then you have to cut them all off this

can be anywhere from two months all the

way to six months depending on your

texture and how much you are doing to

your hairs for example over the past few

years I've been highlighting my hair

every six to eight weeks and I would

trim my hair every six to eight weeks to

maintain my ends but I was also

maintaining a shape that I had now but

I'm growing my hair it's been four

months since I have trimmed it I also

have not highlighted it in that time and

I have now acquired quite a bit of

length now if you're maintaining a shape

and typically when the hair is shorter

you need to get your hair cut more often

otherwise it just looks really grown out

okay now the real difficult question

who should trim your hair you can most


in fact it's encouraged to see a

professional and I do have another video

on some science to look out for on how

to find your curly hair stylist however

in this video I'm showing you how I trim

my own hair because there are some

people that would prefer to maintain

their hair themselves for multiple

reasons so now we need to get into how

to cut this is where there's some

controversy so allow me to go and

prepare myself ok limber up and boom

back in I'm better

back in on water here's my piece you can

cut hair in whatever state as long as

you understand the hair texture what

it's going to do and the shape you're

trying to create so to start I shampooed

conditioned and actually treated my hair

as well I am going to first get myself

ready don't want any hair going on my

clothes I'm going to part my hair where

I usually part it now I don't

necessarily put in a defined part ever

but it is usually parted off to the side

off-center there it looks good I want it

to be a lot of balance in my haircuts I

want even shape all throughout so I do

want to create symmetry from my part and

in the haircut itself so I'm just

brushing this through of course and the

first thing I'm going to be doing is

trimming the layers I want to shape the

layers first and then just draw up the

ends because I'm hoping to cut a little

bit more off the layers and a little

less off of the ends because I do want

to maintain that length however the ends

do need to be trimmed when you look at

them here you can see that it gets

pretty thin at the bottom and this is

gonna be easy for me not only because

I'm I understand what I'm doing but

because I really like the shape that my

hair is I just need to take it up about

an inch or so but I'm following what's

already in my hair so if you do like the

haircut that you have it just needs a

trim simply follow what's already been

cut so I'm gonna start I'm gonna take a

section and it's a diagonal section and

the reason for cutting my hair wet is

because I want a really clean shape put


my hair now let's get real real if you

don't know what you're doing it's not

that you can't do this I just encourage

you to do very little at a time so you

can see me even I am very cautious when

I'm going in towards my hair you need to

see how the hair reacts for a minute so

maybe take the section take a little bit

off let it bounce back look at it again

what I'm really trying to create here is

a nice rounded shape that is going to be

framing my face which is why I'm pulling

everything forward so I'm gonna have

shorter pieces around my face and then

towards the back it's gonna get a little

bit longer kind of create that rounded V

cut as well so I'm over directing is the

word pulling all the hair forward I'm

working in diagonal sections as well and

one section at a time and simply

trimming the hair as you see it now if

you've been watching me you know me I'm

a 90 degree girl I'm always working up

up and out out from the natural fall of

the head about 90 degrees this is how I

cut my layers as well I'm always

following the head shape working around

so the hairs that are at the top of my

head are going to be shorter and then

the hair is at the bottom of my head are

going to be longer I'm always working

out pulling the hair all the way out

parallel to my head and cutting around

like that that's how I create my

layering always ninety degree from the

head and again pulling everything a

little bit forward that's also giving me

a nice round shape that is shorter in

the front and longer towards the back of

my head and I'm trying to just take off

the same amount all over which was just

about an inch an inch all over my hair

so all the ends get cleaned up sometimes

the ends look a little more raggedy in

some areas and others and that's because

the hair doesn't grow out of your head

all at the same length while it grows so

you need to accommodate for that and

just try to cut in the cleanest sharpest

lines as possible as I'm moving towards

the back I'm

purposely turning my head I am very

aware of where my head is turned I will

be doing this exactly on the other side

as well to keep that balance if you're

on unaware of where you're pulling your

hair where you're turning your head your

haircut is gonna be very jagged and all

over the place only because every move

matters so if your head is different

every time then you're gonna have a very

um let's call it a how do you say how do

you say you're gonna have a more

lived-in haircut which could be okay if

that's look you're going for

again I want it to be nice and clean and

sharp and fresh all over so I'm working

the same sections all over you have to

keep your fingers really nice and tight

when you're grabbing the hair only work

with about an inch section in your hand

at a time otherwise you're gonna get

lost it's gonna get crazy you'll be

overwhelmed and suddenly you're crying

because you messed up your haircut so

one little section at a time one little

trim at a time remember you can always

take off more but you can't put that

hair back on your head and you can see

when I'm trimming around my face I'm

really going that short too long so I'm

shorter towards the middle towards the

bangs and then as it goes around my face

I want it to go longer this area of my

face it has very different curl patterns

so I know that I will be going in after

with the dry cut to refine so keep

watching because that will be the most

important part to be honest this is just

to get a nice solid even trim making

sure that no curl gets left behind

but after is where I'm going to detail

the curls so I'm gonna go ahead and

sound my hair as I always do and I'm

going to use products I've been using

for a while now which is the verb curl

collection starting off with the curl

leave-in this stuff is like milky it's

super nice and liquidy so it's very easy

to work in the hair prep my hair all

over with that and now I'm going in with

the crow cream which you can see is a

thicker consistency I

we mean it in these poorest times of

mine and just making sure I'm working

that in my damp hair and of course

thoroughly distributing that with my

Denman brush working in these vertical

sections out up up on away from the head

which is gonna give me the most amount

of volume and curl definition and oh

hello sister making my way around up and

down top of my head is horizontal

thinning in and then working like this's

fun boom so now I shall diffuse my hair

dry using my hover technique which if

you have not yet seen a video on then

you need to watch my defusing video

which may change your life but so now

that my hair is all dry its styled how I

always wear it this is what I would go

in and do my dry cutting and I have to

do this because I do have slightly

different textures but it is a pretty

consistent curl pattern I really just

want to make sure that there's no

thinner straggling ends or anything

sticking out weird so I'm going section

by section I told my head I like to see

this action because it's layered I kind

of get this stacking that I love most

importantly I want to frame around my

face around my face especially in here

I've got these looser textures and I

just want to make sure that I'm opening

up all of this area probably my number

one tip I can give you guys is not to

get to scissor happy it's very easy to

get lost in the dry cut and continue

cutting but take a step back give it a

day or two give it another wash and then

you can always reevaluate it you can

always cut more off after but if you go

a little too far from the start then

you're gonna have to wait that one out

so there you have it the hedge has been

trimmed I do usually tweak this over the

next couple of washes but I am

thoroughly satisfied

my end feels so much better my legs have

been retained it jumped up a little bit

more because it is super happy now and

that makes me happy and I'm definitely

gonna go take some selfies now with my

fresh hair and show you guys this side

by side because wow a little bit goes a

long way a little trip is better than no

trim and haircut doesn't always have to

be sacrificing your length okay let's

come back in a few months to see where

I'm sitting then and see when my next

trip will be shall we so make sure you

subscribe for more videos like this

until next week bye everybody

lucky spoon feed you some food for

thought now how do I know if I cut like

how do I know how this is where there's

some controversy and the reason what

lice got reason the reason for wetting

my hair smells very fresh it's like yeah

I'm starving kind of soothing