HOW I TRIM MY CURLY HAIR AT HOME (advice from a curly hairstylist)

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what's good everybody it is I Mel your

main girl also known as means by


hence the scissors I am a hair stylist

so today I'm going to be creating a

mains by mouth on my own head by giving

myself a trim because I'm long overdue

we can see here when I'm wearing black

it really shows how bad my ends have

gotten so as I'm trimming I'll be

explaining to guys why I'm doing what

I'm doing what a trim a trim just the

trim really is when you need to get it

done and even how to actually do it

depending on the look you're going for

then keep watching this video and let's

get to it so first off what is a trim

let's clear this up really quickly okay

a trim trim trim trim is best described

as a maintenance for the current hair

that you have on your head so whether