How to | Cut 3B hair at home

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hi guys welcome back to another video

and today I'm going to trim my hair it

has been five months since my first

video on YouTube and that was literally

a week after I had just trimmed my hair

now the prime reasons that I trimmed my

hair was because I was getting the whole

triangle shaped head thing going on

which is basically if you have curly

hair the the longer bits on top get

weighed down and all the volume seems to

sit at the bottom of your hair so the

top is flat the bottom is poofy and you

get this triangle shape head what I'm

gonna do is basically shorten the top

half of my hair and leave the length of

the back but just take off the dead ends

I'm currently on day 4 hair I washed it

on Saturday and today is Wednesday so it

is kind of frizzy the curls have lost

their definition and it's just a bit of

a mess to be honest it's very matted in

the back so I think it's time for a wash

and I might as well trim it while I'm at

it all of my curls are completely

different so this one here is a lot

bouncier a lot springier then let's say

this curl here so that's why I feel like

I should just cut my hair as one as

opposed to treating each coat

individually because I will end up with

a very uneven haircut if I ever choose

to straighten my hair which I still do

occasionally I'm gonna show you what my

hair looks like now this has got tons of

gel in it it's been I've been wearing

this up for the last three three days or

so oh crap Oh curly hair problem just

broke the hairband anyway so this is my

hair as you can see there is no shape so

the layers on the top are kind of

catching up to the length at the bottom

so everything just kind of sits at this

weird place on my shoulders where it's

very poofy for you very big so if you

want to watch me cut my hair it's

nothing scientific it's literally me

with the processes taking about maybe an


maybe two off the top and maybe just a

centimeter off the bottom

yeah just keep watching and I'll see you

on the outside so first you start with

clean hair and obviously but I'll give

your scalp it's good pitch brush for

your hair so you don't have any tangles

and it makes the job a whole lot easier

have a look at the layers already have

I've got three long at the bottom middle

and then one step frame for my face so

we're going to start the back we're

gonna section it off and wet it

thoroughly divide it down the middle and

just brush it down and take off

literally the last centimetre it's not a

lot it gets rid of the dead ends and

once that's cut use it to measure off

the other side moving on to the first

layer I divide my hair just above the

temple leaving the top part of my hair

for later I use a hair clip to keep it

out of the way and once again I wet my

hair thoroughly for me

cutting the lathe is the funnest part

the trick is to brush your hair out at

an angle so that when you cut it when it

falls it already forms layers less work

less hassle I drag my hair up as high as

it will go and I use my fingers as a

guide the hair that is closest to my

nails will have a lot more taken off

whereas the hair closest to my palm will

have less taken off that way when it

falls it will have a staggered appliance

I do that all around my head and at the

end I just make sure that both sides are

even I'm sure it's not perfect but when

my hair's curly any mistakes are barely

noticeable on to the last bit and

technically the most important bit this

is the hair that gives you the volume I

just drag all the hair forward and chop

off two inches again when you flip this

back the hair at the front will be a lot

shorter than the hair at the back and

the haircut is done not a lot of air is

taken off but it does make a big

difference to the overall appearance of

your hair so this is how my hair looks

straightened and you can see a lot of

the bulk is taken off of the bottom but

how does it look courier who you asked

to find out we need to do a deep

conditioning treatment and for this you

a bowl an egg a nice smelling hair oil

to cover the egg smell a deep

conditioner and a hair mask product that

is really thick and of course a fork mix

it all together and you're ready to go I

brush my hair out to make this easier

and I also advise that you put a towel

around your neck because it does get

missing then you just start applying the

mixture to your whole head to making

sure that you go through Ruth to tip the

reason I add a really thick hair mask

into the mixture is to stop it from

dripping because once we're done we're

going to put our hair into a shower cap

and leave it for about an hour after an


eases rinse it out and make sure the

waters not too hot otherwise we'll cook

the egg because of the conditioners

we've used and the nice smelling oil

your hair should not smell baked so

there's no need to shampoo and you can

style your hair as usual they really

stand out each one

the bottom layer which is kind of off

camera right now but yeah there is a big

difference in length and that just gives

it this overall rounded appearance and

tapers off I just do better whenever I

feel all that my hair needs it

and I just thought I would do it this

time because I just trimmed it and I

just wanted to see that the overall

shape and the best way to do that to get

your hair is curly as possible then you

can see what you've done with the

haircut I'm not an expert on any of this

this is just something but I would do

when my hair was going from really

damaged to curly it was just something

like either a boost it just makes my

hair really curly and only lasts for

like one wash but it just it just helps

the curls and it separates them and you

can just see like a progress you can see

how much car pattern you can obtain and

yeah really good curl you just love it

when you find ringlets cute this one I

hope you liked the video anyway it maybe

give you a few tips on how to trim your

own hair I wouldn't say cut your own

hair I don't know anything about


I was just trimming but I hope you

learned something and if you try out the

egg treatment let me know and they'll be

plenty more hair tricks and tips along

the way because I'm still learning about

my curly hair and I'll catch you on the

next one bye