How to | Cut 3B hair at home

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hi guys welcome back to another video

and today I'm going to trim my hair it

has been five months since my first

video on YouTube and that was literally

a week after I had just trimmed my hair

now the prime reasons that I trimmed my

hair was because I was getting the whole

triangle shaped head thing going on

which is basically if you have curly

hair the the longer bits on top get

weighed down and all the volume seems to

sit at the bottom of your hair so the

top is flat the bottom is poofy and you

get this triangle shape head what I'm

gonna do is basically shorten the top

half of my hair and leave the length of

the back but just take off the dead ends

I'm currently on day 4 hair I washed it

on Saturday and today is Wednesday so it

is kind of frizzy the curls have lost