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hey everybody welcome back to my youtube

channel this is Shirley Michelle and

today I'm gonna show you all how I cut

my hair using the triple Unicorn DIY

curly cut method now again I did not

come up with this method this is

something that I've learned by watching

other people do it I do not own the

right to the triple unicorn acrylic

understand that I don't come up with

this stuff

I just forward it along you wouldn't

arrest a guy who's just delivering drugs

from one guy to another so the first

thing you want to do after you've taken

a shower in your screen is you want to

brush your hair forward all the way to

the top of your head you want to make a

ponytail so this is why it's called the

uniform cut because you're gonna gather

all of your hair at the top of your head

kind of like where a unicorn would have

its horn now what you want to do is you

want to just come through your hair and

you're gonna try to at this point figure

out how much you actually want to cut

off so right now I'm thinking to myself

maybe I'll cut off like two inches or so

because I do have a lot of damage in my

hair but I also like it long now you

don't want to just use any pair of

scissors like from the kitchen or

anything like that you want to get

shears specifically for cutting hair and

then you're gonna want to cut straight

across and this is just gonna chop off a

little bit of the length of your hair

so now that I am satisfied with about

how much I chopped off now I'm just

cutting vertically to thin out the ends

of my hair so it has a little bit more

of a natural look to it rather than like

super choppy like straight across look I

got my shears on Amazon so I'm gonna add

the link in the description below so now

that I finished cutting the first

unicorn you can actually stop there a

lot of people just do the one uniform

because it does add some layers but I'm

just gonna do a little length check to

see if I like what I did so far and now

I'm gonna keep going before you move on

to the second uniform first take a deep

breath part your hair starting from the

top of your ears all the way around it

should look something like but it

doesn't have to be perfect but you know

close enough so now you're gonna do is

basically repeat the same step all over

again tie back the hair on the bottom

comb forward the hair on the top making

another unicorn horn at the top of your

head and if at this point your hair is

starting to get dried out like mine you

might want to add a little bit of water

just to make it a little bit easier to

deal with

now you're gonna comb your hair forward

and get ready to make your next cut so

this part is optional like I said you

can do just the one unicorn but for me I

wanted some drastic layers so I cut the

second unicorn at an angle

now the further your ponytail is towards

the front of your head it's gonna give

you more dramatic layers if you wanted

less dramatic layers you can make the

ponytail straight at the top of your

head and not like on your forehead but a

little bit more push back so now what

I'm doing is again I'm fitting out the

ends so it's not so choppy be really

careful when you do this because when I

was doing this I actually cut my finger

a little bit because these scissors are

really sharp

now for the third unicorn I'm going from

the tops of my ear all the way straight

up instead of all the way straight

around with this section I decided to

take a little bit of a risk and I'm

putting the ponytail a little bit more

forward than I actually did with the

other ones and I think that maybe this

would cause a little bit more layers so

I decided to just try it out so you'll

see that I actually decided to do the

angled cut again I'm really really

aiming for some drastic layers here

people so that's what I did I feel like

if it comes out the right way if it

comes out pretty nice who knows maybe

I'll go back to school to become a


so here is the final step again I'm just

thinning out the ends with my shears

hopefully to give it a more natural look

now you just want to wet your hair comb

it through look at the results so now

I'm just looking at my hair I like the

layering I like the length I like that

it's short in the front and it's long in

the back and now I just have to style it

and see how it turns out okay looks good

so I look amazing so here are my results

and I am thinking I might never pay for

a haircut ever again why tip someone for

a job I'm capable of doing myself I can

and do cut my own hair I think I did a

pretty good job

I like the layering I like that it looks

healthier would I give myself another

haircut oh I absolutely would thank you

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