Perfect Crown Molding CP505A 12 Combination Protractor

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the secret to a good-looking crown

molding job is having very tight-fitting

miters now that can be a difficult

proposition it can also be a lot easier

using a tool like this combination

protractor to use it simply place the

tool in the corner open the wings until

they contact the wall and read the mitre

cut directly from the gage now if you're

cutting crown molding on an angle just

set the miter saw to match the setting

on the combination protractor insert the

workpiece into the miter saw and make

the cut however if you're cutting

molding on the flat you'll be making a

compound miter cut and will need to

determine the saw miter angle as well as

the bevel angle in this case the process

becomes a bit more involved for one

thing we'll need to know the molding

spring angle that's the angle between