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muscle change production

all right youtube so before you actually

start cutting what you want to do

is you want to comb the hair out first

all right this is lifting the waves off

of the scalp

that way it makes it a lot easier for

the hair to run

through the teeth of the blade also it

has a lot to do with

snagging with the clipper you don't you

know if the hair is real coarse

um a lot of times when you you know

without combing

and you run the clipper through it it'll

snag you don't want the client to feel

uncomfortable so

make sure you pick the hair out or you

know comb the hair

forward um before you start cutting

also with waivers pay attention to their

hair pattern

and the way their hair is growing a lot

of times uh when cutting

a waiver you not you might not be going

in the direction that they want to go in

so if

you don't understand how their hair is

supposed to be

combed or brushed have them do it first

that way they'll show you

and you can get a better understanding

all right so my client wanted a two on

top so i went ahead and grabbed my two

with the lever closed now the reason why

i close the lever is because

you know when you open it that turns

into a 2.5

rather than a solid two so if you want

the length of the hair

to be added to make sure you close the

guard right now i'm going with the grain

of the pattern making sure that i go


um before i cut my client i asked if he

had any cowlicks in front that's

something that you guys

want to look out for because you don't

want to run that clipper

uh you know straight through and your

client has a

a a big cowlick in the front and then it

looks like he's bald because

you know you just ran the clipper

straight through so always ask your


if they have calyx

so to all my beginners and people that's

in barber college

um you guys want to make sure that you

you know experiment and what i mean by

experiment is

use your left hand or if you're

left-handed use your right hand alright

it's nothing more uncomfortable than


confined to using only one hand man


you could be on one side you could be on

the left side and use your right hand

and that's cool but once you get on that

right side of the head

uh especially when it comes to lining up


it could put you in a real awkward

position so

always experiment on using your left

hand i wasn't always good at using my

left hand

it's just something that you know i

trained my left hand to do when i was in

barbara college so

uh i didn't want to feel uncomfortable

so i was like you know what i'm about to

just use my left hand if i mess up

i just happen to mess up because you

know i mean the person can't really get

mad at you

you're in barber college all right but

if you're cutting out of your garage

i don't know be a little bit more

skeptical all right so

but yeah man don't be afraid to try new










so once i'm done cutting everything down

i like to do a small little brush

session um that way i can lay the hair

back down

also it lets your waiver clients know

that you know

how to brush their hair and you know

what you're doing man it it sets them at

ease as a waiver


now when it comes to setting in the bald

line i'm going to use my babyliss custom


to set it in now if you're a beginner

i would not recommend setting in your

line like this

um this is just because i'm experienced

i like to see a bold hard line

knowing that i could take it out with my

other clippers

right now i'm going in a rainbow like

shape my client wanted a high taper

so this is kind of the shape that i like

to give

either like a taper or you know all my

high tapers the reason why i do this is

because i want to look different i want

when my client leaves the shop that

somebody says hey man

what kind of taper is that where'd you

get that from you know what i mean it's

a signature look and you want to develop

your signature look next step

using my endus cordless masters with the

lever open

i'm going up about a half inch making

sure i keep that same rainbow like shape

all the way through now when it comes to

it being near the lineup part i don't go

up that full

half inch i want to keep that area as

dark as possible

that way i can get a nice crisp bold



i also like to go over the guideline

multiple times that way

you could get it down to that real true

lever open length


so with the one guard open i'm going up

the same width

that i did with the lever open and i'm

just kind of flicking

out i'm not trying to um you know dig

in i don't want to set a harsh guideline

i want to make sure the transition flows

as good as possible so try not to dig in

now with the two guard open i'm not

necessarily setting in

a guideline i'm just basically debulking

the areas where i see



so going back with my one guard with my

lever open

i'm basically running the clipper with

the grain

trying to get that transition as smooth

as possible


now closing the lever on that one guard

what i'm trying to do is soften up that

middle line

so in a flick out motion flick out that

middle line


now that we got that middle line

softened up

it's going to be easier to take it out

with the zero guard closed so right now

i got my zero guard closed and i'm using

my corners the entire time now it may

look like i'm using the blade the full


but no trust me i'm using my corners

and i'm flicking out in areas i'm

adjusting my levers

as i go up and just brushing down as i




now with the lever fully closed in a

flick out motion

flick out that bottom line i'm starting

below the line and i'm flicking to the


and keep in mind i'm using my corners

the entire time

i want to keep that rainbow like shape

as much as possible

and you cannot achieve that if you're

trying to use the full blade you know

what i mean you're just going to

straighten it out

so make sure when you're doing any type

of you know curvature blends

that you use your corners


so right now i'm doing some detailing

i'm going back with my one guard

debulking with the grain i'm gonna clear

out areas where i see

bulk and use my corners and you know

just perfect the blend as much as


so when it comes to the back taper i use

the same exact steps

the only difference is when it comes to

waivers i don't

curve um you know the ball line or do

anything fancy

i give a straight uh basic taper in the


when it comes to waivers we don't like

too much you know

uniqueness in the back or anything like

that we just want a basic taper

so right now i'm going with my ball line

setting it in



next with my lever open i'm going to go

up a full

inch because there's a lot more room to

work with as far as the back



now with the one guard open going up

about a full

inch making sure i brush down as i go




with the two guard on just going up

clearing out the bulk




using the one guard with the lever open

flicking out that area between the one

and the two

now with the zero guard closed in a

flick out motion flick out

that middle line make sure you start

below the line and flick to the line

and adjust your lever as you go up




now with the lever closed in a flick out

motion flick out

that bottom line remember to start below

the line and flick to the line

and brush as you go


muscle predictions


so before i line up my client a little

tip that i you know

use is i spray spritz or hairspray

on my client's lineup that way it locks

the hair in place

that way the hair isn't going anywhere

when you decide to line it up

also you want to brush the hair down and

blow dry

until it's fully dry now another tip

that i like to do

is whatever i take the hair down with

i like to go a guard size lower on the

lineup area so

right now i got my one guard with the

lever closed and i'm just taking down

that front line


now when it comes to the lineup um the

way i do it

i usually start with the vertical bars

first but

because i'm filming it just looks better

starting from the middle

and then working my way towards the

right side and then the left side

it just looks better that way so

for beginners you want to line up the

vertical bars first

then start from the middle and go to

your left side and your right side

but at the end of the day you want to do

what's comfortable for you

this is just was comfortable for me and

you know try different ways you know

what i mean like

whatever you do though whatever you do

do not start from one side and go

all the way to the other side that that


you you're bound to have a crooked

lineup doing that so make sure

you cut out the middleman by starting in

the middle first all right

and then go to each side


so when it comes to doing that around

the ear action

use the corner of the blade and just

i mean it's basically all about you know

hand and eye coordination at this point

i mean

i like to start with my corners around

the um

you know what i mean the same way i line

up the front i start in the middle first

but i

start in the middle of that curve

part and then kind of match it up on the

other side




muscle change production



all right here's the part where

everybody turns up

wait a minute no enhancements bro he

didn't need enhancements bro

listen let me let me just talk to y'all

real quick

if you're in school all right it's okay

to be on that no enhancements matter of


be on that no enhancements okay uh

that's what that's what i was when i was

in school i was like man no enhancement

game you know what i mean i'm not using


forget it all right that's what barbers

that use enhancements they cheating

you know what i mean i used to be on

that but i'm on youtube now

and i'm not about to get left behind

because you know what i mean i'm on that

whole little

no enhancement game you know what i mean

at the end of the day

uh my client wanted this um and if

clients want this you got to be able to

provide it

right it's a service the reason why you

don't want to use enhancements when

you're in school is because you're still

trying to perfect your craft all right

don't hide it and cover it up with

enhancements all right perfect your

craft first

all right and then start using

enhancement you know i'm using this

technique right now shout out to get

beam uh he's the reason why i'm using

this pencil

it's a great tool this is a barber magic


and all i'm doing is going over the over

the lineup

it builds contrast between the cut

and the skin all right so after i apply

the uh

magic pencil i'm gonna line re-line them


um that way you know it softens up the


it's kind of like using that brush on

you know how females use the brush on

their uh

you know when they apply makeup and they

use the brush to kind of have it fade in

that's basically the idea of this

is realigning it um making it uh uh

kind of fade in also i'm gonna come

behind it

with a razor all right and that is what


everything off that that's what puts the


on the cake


so first time starting out you're gonna

have a tough time using the razor

um i did um it took me a while to get it

right i always thought that i would you

know just cut my client

but what you want to do is stretch the

skin that is the most

important part stretch the skin and


glide that blade across the skin all

right set it at like

a what a 45 degree angle

and just you know trust the process

that's mainly what it's about

trusting that that blade is going to

glide across the skin


all right so the last thing you want to

do with cutting these waivers

is do a free hand trim on top that's

cutting off the frizzy hairs

that you know waivers tend to have um

you know if you do this to a waiver it


the haircut off because he's not really

going to necessarily look at the cut

he's going to bend his head back and

look at the waves first alright so

you want to make sure you get all those

frizzy hairs up top and

that just lets your client know like hey

you know what you're doing


muscle drinks


listen let me tell you why they call me

360 when they sit in my chair i spin

them in the full 360

and they come out looking like damn son

where'd you find this

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