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hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel I'm so glad to have again so for

today's tutorial we'll learn how to drop

a 360 flip 360 flip we all know that a

cycle is equal to 360 so let's say the

waist 3 is and that's where we'll be

attaching the Fletcher that's the weight

cycle friends I'm using its 26 inches

and then the length of the fleet let's

say we want the length of the flexible 5

inches you know we need the radios but

we don't know the radio so we have to

look for the radios ok

rather I say the waist we are using it's

26 it's 26 now to the since we are going

to add 2 inch seam allowance do this

because let's say for example now your

sleep is going to extend towards the

flip of course you need icing allow us

to do that so so we are adding 2 inch

seam allowance to the 26 to the 26 which

is 28 so the new circumference I'll be

using now it's 28 so to get our radio

remember back in square second friends

from la force I confess is 2 pi I so to

make a spread of the phone we're going

to divide both sides by 2 pi 2 pi comes

to 2 pi so we are left with radio to

suppose to cycle friends all over 2 pi

and our cycle Frances 28 2 pi is 2 times

22 over 7 which is 6.2 it's and when you

divide it by 6 point to it you have I

think up approximately 4.5 I presently

for 25 now to know the exact

ain't you need to cut out from your

fabric in order to avoid wasting your

fabric what we are going to do is to add

the total length and the readers you

know this hour reduce the length we are

using its faith but we have to add one

interesting allowance as half inch on

both and

truth to death on the upper on the upper

part of the fleet to connect the fleet

to the half codes and also on the down

path to condemn to use line in order to

fool the fleet so that's why we have to

add one inch what interesting allowance

this equals to 6 so so all we have to do

is to add the length and radius which is

six plus four points frame which is

going to give us 1025 10.5 so what we

need to cut out from our fabric will not

be ten point five times two which is

equal to 21 don't we just be 21 inches

does both the length and the breadth

will be 21 in 2008 and the length of our

event record

looking triages I'm going to show us how

to how to do that

so these so this is basically what we

need to cut roughly all the sites are

trained to 1 increase all the 4th sites

are trained through 1 inches so I'll go

ahead and cuts all the sites they are 21

inches so this is its so it's just to

fold on take your measurements so you

fold it like this after folding it then

you fold again you can set the rifle at

it then the next one is to take your

radios the radios are using here is 4.5

so you mock 4.5 4 round and after that

you connect the totes so that's really

is going to Israel ways that where we

are going to entitle the fleet if he's

on our ways does the waist measurement

then enough is to take the length of the

flea which is 5 inches I've connected it

so I know it I had to add 1/2 inch seam

allowance you know we need half each

seam allowance for both the up and the

down paths so that's what I'm marking

and then we go ahead and connect it so

we are almost done with the threading

next is to cut you can see the way I'm

cutting it

then our fleet is ready but if your zip

is going to extend towards the flea you

know that you have to open one and that

was right with other the true

interesting allowance Paul peradventure

that you don't need a zip you don't need

to add that true inch seam allowance you

just go ahead and use the original we'll

switch with drawstring consists because

you don't need seam allowance that's to

add the zip but if you need throughout

and zip that is where central the flea

you go ahead and add the seam allowance

so that was John seats I hope you find

this tutorial helpful don't forget to

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