Cut Tile with Montolit's TutorCut for Angle Grinders (Quick Tips)

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So here’s today’s question: How can you cut a large tile without a wet tile saw or

a tile cutter? We’re going to share a really cool tool for doing that today.

The tool we’re talking about is Montolit’s TutorCut. TutorCut is a guide wheel. It’s

a polyamide guide wheel, and you pair it with a diamond blade and an angle grinder. In this

case, this is the WSG7 by Fein; it’s a 4 ½” angle grinder.

Just some safety tips here. You always want the rpm rating on the diamond blade to be

more than that of the angle grinder. So for example, the Greenline blade has an rpm rating

of 13,300; that’s more than the 12,000 rpm rating on this WSG7 angle grinder.

So how do you put all this together? Slide the TutorCut on the angle grinder like so

with the writing facing you; so it says TutorCut-16. In this case we’re going to have the arrow

turning in a counter-clockwise direction, so it aligns with the directional arrow on

the angle grinder. You slide it on like so. Then place the threaded flange on the angle

grinder. And you always want to tighten down this blade.

So here’s the deal: this will cut a tile that’s ¾” thick. Let’s go ahead and

give it a shot and see how it goes. Here’s my safety tip for you: wear some

hearing protection, safety glasses, and a respirator that can block out silica dust.

Really important when using an angle grinder. So as you can see here there’s no wobbling

of the blade. TutorCut is touching the top of the tile, and that’s important because

you’re going to get a nice, straight, 90° angle cut in relation to the top of the tile.

And that is good if you’re going to be using a self-leveling system like T-lock because

you’re going to get even grout joints. And also, it’ll help reduce the amount of chipping