The REAL 350z Bumper Cut !!

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what would you like to do if money were

no object what makes you itch what sort

of a situation would you like better to

have a short life that is full of what

you like doing than a long life spent in

a miserable I what is up guys today I

got something interesting it's just me

today so we're gonna try to do something

a little bit simple but really cool on

the 350z so I'm gonna go ahead and show

you on the other side it's come to do

this for a while if you guys don't

follow us on honey you guys wouldn't

know but you probably should so I just

recently installed all this bracing

underneath and if you know me I like the

race car stuff so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna cut this bumper and I

already went ahead to do the line is it

gonna go all the way across I know if

you guys can tell how do I know all the