The REAL 350z Bumper Cut !!

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what would you like to do if money were

no object what makes you itch what sort

of a situation would you like better to

have a short life that is full of what

you like doing than a long life spent in

a miserable I what is up guys today I

got something interesting it's just me

today so we're gonna try to do something

a little bit simple but really cool on

the 350z so I'm gonna go ahead and show

you on the other side it's come to do

this for a while if you guys don't

follow us on honey you guys wouldn't

know but you probably should so I just

recently installed all this bracing

underneath and if you know me I like the

race car stuff so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna cut this bumper and I

already went ahead to do the line is it

gonna go all the way across I know if

you guys can tell how do I know all the

way across already so we're just gonna

go ahead and cut it just drumroll I got

from Cardiff right just like ten bucks


we're gonna see if it does a job so

we're just gonna go ahead and cut

everything all the way across and I'll

show you what it looks like at the end

for those of you that may want to do

this the measurements are really easy

from the edge right here to the bottom

is two inches I did right here two inch

spacing later three one two three and

then you lined it up and I just kept

going from right here I believe it's two

and like maybe three quarters because

this one sits a little bit higher than

this we have to adjust for that all the

way this one is from the corner to here

it's eight and a half inches right here

so they just draw the line all the way

across straight I use the line a ruler

not a like a wood ruler but like one of

those long ones like that and I just

hold it straight up process the line

came up pretty straight

you know you know come on pretty

straight so right now what you can do is

units go ahead and cut it all the way

across and hopefully it comes out

straight that did this by myself so I

had a line I had to draw the line with

my mouth holding the pen in my mouth so

hopefully came out rather straight





I'm almost halfway done so I'm gonna

leave this time just to make sure we

knock this all out it's all patience it

takes a while especially with the

grandeur like this takes a while but I

mean I think it's coming out registrate

but you want to take your time when

you're doing this to make sure you don't

have anything uneven just because you

want to you want to make it look good

right you don't want to do this and then

have it come out all crooked you know I

mean that's the last thing we want so

we're gonna I'm gonna take my time we're

gonna knock this out like with them

there's already starting to get dark but

I want to make sure I get this done so

you can guys can actually see the

finished product before it gets dark

all right cool

I saw I know I have some explaining to

do I know I said I was gonna finish it


and I want you guys to know that I did

finish it I just couldn't record cuz it

was too dark and I want to show you guys

because we're gonna be too dark and I

don't want to root for you guys but it

looks pretty good I hope you guys are

excited as I am cuz she looks good check

it out


does that not look good look at that

look at that


I want you guys to know I took up a lot

of plastics I wonder like the tow hitch

is right there I took it off to some

other plastics that over there and over


I took up a lot of stuff that was here a

lot of stuff that can't be taken off I

took it off this top tow hitch and I

just took it off because it weights like

a good 4 pounds I don't need that

so plastics that are right here took it

off there's a lot of stuff that I took

off just so can look a lot there's a big

metal piece that covers up a lot over

here I took that off as well you don't

need it that was talking often anyways I

do need to took my wiring because I do

have a reverse camera but I need to wire

in higher so nothing gets caught

underneath it doesn't get you know cut

off for anything but it so far looks

pretty good something is pretty good

exposed it's overall pretty good so far

the line looks pretty straight to me

but I might just go over it was like

some sandpaper just smoothing it out and


not be perfected but overall I think it

looks pretty good - it did take me a

while because that shitty to what I got

but if you guys get like a better one

there's no reason why you guys shouldn't

be able to finish that get twenty

minutes instead of me taking I mean like

four hours but I think it looks pretty

good look about me those tires are even

but yeah I think it looks really good

man I would highly recommend this to any

of you guys if you guys really are

really serious about that look I think

this looks way better way better than

stock it's pretty heavy is pretty heavy

good pounds all that stuff it off I want

to make a template and I didn't like it

because it was too long so I cut it an

extra inch shorter just something look

like it is on this one

so that I think it looks pretty good

like I said from this corner down is

eight and a half inches same thing on

the other side cuz you want it even

right here under the license plate from

here to here is about two inches and I

here is about two intercourse because

this does it a little bit higher than

this so you have to adjust for that

both Rogers use a ruler and then just

hold it on straight I don't think it's

necessarily hard I just think it's

patience a lot of people get anxious or

you know I mean and they start going

doing this this dance when you're

grinding it out so this is all time you

don't want to rush it anyways but I

think it looks really good

what do you guys think to the core I've

seen a lot of other cut bumpers on

YouTube but they're not this is like the

OG one I would call it the other ones

are like something I don't even know why

you would cut it that short anyways like

I don't even know it's like too long for

me but this is exactly what I wanted

Northerly took out a strap ignore that I

know it's ugly I got it since I got the

car so I know it's pretty

we're definitely overdue for another one

but overall I think it looks pretty

freakin good man see all the bracing

looks pretty good

now I didn't work against some clothes

and get rid of that spring bucking you

put a bar there and all that good stuff

will do all that good stuff pretty soon


smoothing it out and then that's about

it I know it definitely needs a wash so

I'm just gonna wash it and then we're

gonna go through some shots I'm rolling

shots and then you guys were able to see

what it looks like

it looks pretty damn good so those of

you that may not know I actually got

this idea from hugs and K output is this

right here is information right

here in the bean description to this guy

actually was a reason I bought this car

and that's where he's actually the one

who hooked me up with all this bracing

all the GTS back bracing he's the one

that hooked me up and I just couldn't

pass up an offer like that and how to do

it like that so that's my boy place

he's the reason why I cut it on his

issue come check out his car his car was

a beast when it was out if I was a beast


I'd already stand it down the edges so

everything looks really really good for

the $10 it to $10 Dremel on over

fight I did a really really good job man

really good job because breakdown is

good for you guys I'm good at cutting

straight not even crooked man look at

that it's completely straight

looks awesome I mean you guys

think I think it looks pretty good what

you guys have thoughts I want to know

like I'm curious I'm just curious to

know what you guys think this is ugly

you guys think this is you know I mean

cool I don't know it's more racecar

oriented oriented so it's not it's not

supposed to look good I think it'd look

good in my eyes but you know let me know

what you guys think I think it looks

pretty cool man not gonna lie

but as always thank you guys for

watching tell us what you guys want to

see yeah we do we want to do what you

guys want to see cuz this is supposed to

be entertaining for you guys so what do

you guys want to see it just tell us

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