3,500 calorie workout = 1 POUND LOST

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all right so just yesterday I signed up

for my first half marathon and I have

never completed anything like that so

for the past year I've been running

three four miles consistently three four

times a week and I've done a few 10ks

which is about six miles I did one in

December and then I did one early this

year so my goal now is to extend that

further and do the thirteen point two

miles which is half marathon and it is

going to be a trail race so it's going

to be a little bit more challenging for

today's exercise though I wanted to make

a little fun and see how many calories

it takes to burn a pound so I don't know

what that is let me google that and then

see if we can burn the amount of

calories it takes to burn a pound how

many calories to burn


okay so it says here because 3,500

calories equals about one pound of fat

it is estimated that you need to burn

about 3,500 calories to lose one pound

so in general if you cut about 500 to a

thousand calories a day from your

typical diet you lose about one to two

pounds a week so of course the 3,500

calories is our goal for today but that

doesn't include what you eat and all

that so that's why they're saying if you

were to do that a day and you cut out

you know five to $1,000 a day from your

diet you do this pound or two a week

what I want to do is just make this a

little interesting do different workouts

and lose those 3500 calories all right

so the first thing I want to do is my

run because that's typically what I do

during the week and I want to go as long

as I can and see how many miles I can

get in because my target like I said is

did you be able to do 13 miles so if I

can do at least six today I'll be happy

with that and then later on I think I'm

gonna do some stuff at the gym all right

you start in the run can't ask for

better weather a little muddy on the

dirt but it's alright get into it


all right just over three miles and I'm

doing 24 minutes so I got a ways to go


I guess I should let you know that I'm

keeping track or everything on my Fitbit

it's not sponsored video it's just what

I got I know it's been not the most

accurate thing but that's the only thing

I got all right

all done with my run got about seven

miles in that's what the loop that I

wanted to do ended up being 7.2 miles to

be exact

let's see according to Fitbit to what I

got on for how many calories I've burned

so so far I've done 2500 calories that

is awesome we're almost to our goal of

3500 it says right here today I've done

25 45 calories let's see the run all

right about to head into the gym right

now my Fitbit is telling me I have 30

100 calories burned so far so we don't

have far to go just looking for some

motivation it's about 6:30 right now and

the gym closes in about an hour so we've

got an hour to do about 500 calories


still got about another 30 minutes


all right I'll back from the gym and

time to do the final calorie count and

see how many calories I burned

throughout the whole day let's go to the

Fitbit app right here and check out how

many calories I burned all right look at

that three thousand nine hundred and

fifty seven calories burnt that is good

I'm happy with that

did eleven point six nine miles

throughout the whole day and nineteen

thousand five hundred and ninety nine

steps all right well I did made all the

clothes I wanted to so that's pretty

good hope you guys enjoyed my video

today on burning 3500 calories in a day

it was fun to make this video and I am

beat and my muscles are sore so it's

time for some rest thanks for watching

guys I'll see you on the next one