3,500 calorie workout = 1 POUND LOST

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all right so just yesterday I signed up

for my first half marathon and I have

never completed anything like that so

for the past year I've been running

three four miles consistently three four

times a week and I've done a few 10ks

which is about six miles I did one in

December and then I did one early this

year so my goal now is to extend that

further and do the thirteen point two

miles which is half marathon and it is

going to be a trail race so it's going

to be a little bit more challenging for

today's exercise though I wanted to make

a little fun and see how many calories

it takes to burn a pound so I don't know

what that is let me google that and then

see if we can burn the amount of

calories it takes to burn a pound how

many calories to burn