Cut 300 Calories Per Day And You Won’t Believe This Can Happen

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oh hello there have you been watching

your calories I see you look great

after all heart disease is a leading

cause of death for both men and women

six hundred and ten thousand people

alone die from it each year in the

United States cutting certain fruits

from your diet is smart but believe it

or not you don't need to go overboard

did you know that cutting just 300

calories a day can be enough let's

discuss that in detail from facts about

calories you didn't know too smart food

options you can cut out we're talking

all that and more we get it 300 calories

seems like a pretty random number to cut

so why cut just 300 you think 500 would

be good for starters even 250 how's this

for a health boost cutting 300 calories

is enough to improve your cholesterol

blood pressure blood sugar and