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hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you're new to my channel then my name is

de maras today I've actually got a video

that I wasn't quite sure about filming

for you guys just because I don't know

this is not something I want to

advertise as a lifestyle or something

that is good to do because this is

literally not planned that I did not

plan to Andre it just kind of happened

just literally hear me out in this video

because this isn't about me trying to

lose weight this is all to do with my

lack of motivation recently as well as

me feeling like little bit down over

this past month of June I've just not

been eating in the right way I'm not

exactly sure I'm gonna talk to this

video but it's going to be something

along the lines of eating around 500

calories per day I haven't really been

tracking macros so it's not really an

exact number but I know that I that she

haven't I can't have been eating up

2,000 calories I haven't been eating

enough yet definitely nowhere near

enough I just basically wanted to say

before getting into this that and you

need to be eating definitely weigh over

500 calories this is not a healthy

lifestyle this is not something I

recommend doing this is not something I

did to lose weight I just want to make

that clear this is literally just

something that happened because I was

just very down not motivated to do

anything and I just didn't feel like

eating most the time if you guys find

this video helpful or if you find it

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apart from that necess get right on into

the video where do I even start I don't

even know where to start

so this whole situation of undereating

started probably around the end of May I

think it kind of gradually got worse in

terms of my under eating or not eating

enough calories and my mood

progressively also got worse as well so

as the week's went on I just

progressively started getting more down

I'm not gonna say that I fell into a

depression I don't know maybe I'm just

in denial I felt like I just got

progressively worse and worse over the

weeks I hardly went into any lessons

because of how I just I felt no

motivation to get up like

half the time I would be woken up at

half past 5:00 every morning which is

when I meant to cut for school every

time I fell asleep

there was no morning where I woke up one

time like for like two weeks solid I had

to always put on my full face makeup

like I've got on now if I woke up at

half 6:00 and I have to catch the bus at

half 7:00 that's plenty of time to get

ready right but I thought I'm not gonna

make it what's the point in trying so

often I would just stay laying in bed or

I would take my time getting ready it

meant the most mornings I wasn't eating

any food so that means no breakfast so

any calories I could have eaten at

breakfast zero yeah I wasn't in any

breakfast and also I wasn't usually

having a lot of language made me a

little bit I can't really describe it

very well but I just didn't have any

motivation to get off I didn't have any

motivation to go to school I didn't have

any motivation to eat and like I was

hungry in my stomach like my stomach was

rumbling but I just

there was nothing pushing me to eat food

it would get to like 11 o'clock and I

thought wait I didn't eat anything for

dinner and then I just kind of went to

bed and didn't eat anything so if you

think about that

I'm not having breakfast and I'm not

having dinner so sometimes I would have

a little bit around lunch and that's it

so very very small amount of calories

and I wasn't really working out again I

was not motivated I had all these plans

to work out every day I'm quite an

active person so I've always kind of

worked out quite a lot but I just for

this past month I've just not been

working out all I did do exercise some

days and I just I didn't even have much

energy to do much I just had no

motivation and I just maybe did a few

exercises then gave up like I just

didn't know what to do myself I just

felt so like what is the point in

anything kind of thing and basically

what was the point in eating so I just

didn't eat enough

I mean I've kind of realized that this

is not okay I can't keep doing this

because I'm not moving forward anywhere

and I just thought to myself like

Damaris you have to get up you have

to start motivating yourself somehow to

get up and actually eat food I've told

myself I'm not gonna be missing any more

lessons now that's it I'm not I'm not

going to be doing that anymore because a

I've had like loads of lessons to catch

up on B I'm kind of like tired of having

to make up of excuses and why I'm not

going into school of why I'm not getting

homework done and I'm just I'm tired of

that and this is not it's not okay and I

beat myself up about it so much over

these past few weeks that de Meyer so

you need to get out together what are

you doing I just I just thought to

myself like what is wrong with me why

can't I function right now sometimes you

go through stages and life of feeling

very unmotivated but this is just gone

on for too long and if I carry on like


I will fall back into that kind of

depression place it's that dark place

and I really I'm not gonna go back there

like I've told myself no that's not

happening again I'm kind of doing like a

little series right now that I'm gonna

start on my channel this is the first

one in the series after this I'm gonna

just be showing you guys how I'm gonna

get my life back on track so that's in

terms of health fitness so like I'll

show you guys what I'm eating what kind

of exercise I'm doing I mean this

morning I was out around half five doing

some exercise I mean I didn't do a lot

but it's a business start in the right

direction and I'm gonna show you guys

how I'm gonna get myself motivated and

hopefully motivate some of you guys to

maybe start more of a healthy lifestyle

yeah as I said at start this is not

something I did on purpose I didn't say

to myself okay I wouldn't just eat

around 500 calories or between 500 and

1000 calories every day and that's how

it's gonna be in and I'm gonna be hungry

and I'm just gonna have to put up with

it like no this was not intentional I

did not want this to happen because

essentially all the muscles that I've

built up is just gonna go because I am

under eating and that means that my body

will hold on to the fat and also eat

away at the muscle if you want to put it

that way I'm not helping my fitness or

my health in any way I've been working

out as I said for quite a long time so

rich all that muscle is gonna go

if I carry on like this and it's not

it's not healthy at all if you think

that eating between 500 and a thousand

calories a day is gonna make you slimmer

or it's gonna mean that you get really

shredded or get really toned then you're

gonna need to think again because that

is not true all I can tell you myself

from having eaten like that obviously

non purpose but for the past few weeks

when I look at my body in general

nothing has changed and as I said that's

because my body is like starving in a

way I couldn't want to have a quick chat

about my intolerance --is i am actually

intolerant to quite a lot of foods and

that means that has struggled to eat

enough they said this was actually an

issue like for quite a few months that

how many enough but it's only recently

that it's got very bad about a year ago

at the start of year 11 and maybe two

years ago I started having problems with

my stomach so like I would get bloated

really easily I'd have like collusive I

guess gas is going off of my stomach I

don't know how to describe that I always

described as explosions going off on my

stomach and they can get very painful as

well I guess you could say I was getting

quite gassy and bloated as well my

stomach would be making all these weird

sounds and it's just quite painful

especially if I eat like a lot of the

wrong food so I'm not someone who likes

to make a big fuss so I just kind of

like continued on with my life I did

that for like a good year until like the

start of sick form so it's thought of a

levels I just decided to get the

doctor's degree times and asked what's

going on they thought it was was

irritable bowel syndrome I think I'm

still not 100 not sure if that's right

because I don't know I feel like it's I

have to be intolerant to something but

you know I'm not going to question it

because they didn't let me go for

further testing like they wouldn't let

me get tested for anything I mean I can

live with it it's not like life

threatening that there's obviously

people who are much worse off than me

but it is something that is kind of just

a pain that is a big reason why I've

struggled to eat properly for the past

probably since the star 2018 to be

honest because before that I kind of

just put up with it

and I kind of just you know I ate cheese

I dairy I we and everything like that I

just kind of just ignored it an away in

the past few months I've just really

struggled to be able to know what foods

to eat and that has kind of part of the

problem of why I've been under eating

mostly ye is like soy yogurt because

obviously I can't really have dairy then

I piss on fruits and honey that's it and

I'm not full after that and then I think

to myself okay so what am I gonna eat

and it's you don't know so when I don't

know I'm gonna eat I just don't eat

anything a lot of the time I was rushing

to school because obviously I said I was

running very late every morning getting

up really late so I just didn't have

time for breakfast I did actually try

and eat properly I can't eat dairy and

most of the time I can't really eat

pasta and wheat in grains so I just

thought okay so now I just need to eat

protein and vegetables and fruit that

was kind of my thinking for about a week

or two I was still feeling very hungry

at the end of the day because I like

prepped my meal for like one week and

the thing is I only prepped the one meal

so for lunch that was it and then for


I wasn't en thing so I was at uni having

this fish in broccoli for lunch with

some potatoes sometimes after that I was

not really having much dinner because as

I said I'm not I can't eat a lot of

stuff so I just feel like okay I didn't

want to upset my stomach so I don't want

to be anything kind of thing it's not

that I didn't eat dinner at all but I

just didn't need to a lot of the time

and if I did I would only a very small

amount to be honest the past few weeks

have really just been there just been I

don't even know what what he's they're

not weeks that I want to go through

again I just felt so so rubbish about

myself and I just having no motivation

to do anything it just sucks it's not a

fun way of living at all and so the

people out there who think that under

eating and not eating obviously you can

eat in like a caloric deficit which is

like eating a small amount under your

recommended calories to lose weight but

do not that I repeat do not eat 500

calories a day or even like 1000

calories a day that's way too little do

not take that from this video this is

not what I'm trying to say please do not

do that but in terms of like what I eat

now as I said I don't know what I'm

intolerant to and I kind of try and stay

away from dairy grains wheats most of

time so yeah I just tried that means I

have to eat a healthy diet basically

because what else is left apart from soy

products fruit veg meats there's not

really much left that I can eat I'm

still trying to find meals that I can

eat it's not like I can't eat foods like

cheese like pizza etc but if I do I know

that my stomach is not gonna take it and

it means that sometimes it can lead to

diarrhea sometimes I can get my gassy

and sometimes I get I can get red blues

in for days on end

and it's just that it's not fun it's

kind of like a fear that I've built up

now that I'm so scared that I'm gonna be

bloated and I'm gonna you know get

really gassy that has led to me really

restricting the kinds of foods that I

eat which is not very good thing yeah

it's just it's very tricky because

sometimes like my stomach can take it

and sometimes it can't I know so many

people have to go through this so like

I'm definitely saying I'm alone in this

but it's just the fact that I don't know

what it is list of foods that I can eat

right now that I think I can eat is this

getting smaller and smaller and smaller

and it makes it that little bit hard to

know what to eat I'm kind of starting to

get a bit more motivated now I've

definitely said to myself like that

that's it like you've had your month

you've had your time to just be slacking

and not be doing much we're gonna accept

that happened you know we're gonna move

on from that though so that's gonna be

something that I'm gonna learn from it's

an experience that happened and I'm I'm

okay to say that that happened that I

wasn't eating and I thought I was eating

between 500 and 1,000 calories I'm okay

to admit that now I feel like I'm

starting my whole journey again of

living healthy but yeah from now on

I've actually made a promise to myself

that you know there may be some days


feel I'm motivated but what happened

there what happened in the month of June

is not happening again we're not gonna

have a repeat of that again I hope that

this shows you guys that undereating is

not something that is good if you're

eating as little as 500 to 1000 calories

no it's not gonna work it's not gonna

get you tonne it's not gonna get you and

super lean body or whatever you're

looking for if you're looking to tone up

do your research

honestly it will say exactly what I'm

saying it will not get you to those

goals please just listen to me please do

not do this I just literally wanna share

my story and what's been happening over

the past few weeks with me and it's

tough like it is really tough especially

when you're a college of studying you've

always got loads of work to do you

always got homework and it's hard to

always stay on top of things it's hard

to stay motivated but it doesn't mean

that it has to stay like that and it's

not going to determine the rest of your

life this is just me some part of your

life now you can move on and you can

start getting yourself motivated again

I'm definitely ready to get up

go work out and it should push my body

to the limits this because I have been

slacking for too long now is I've had

enough I need to go out and show myself

I can do it instead of just sitting my

bed all day and doing nothing I'm not

gonna say that every day I'm gonna be

ready to go exercise a half 5:00 in the

morning but I'm gonna try my best I'm

really gonna try because I want to be

able to help people and be able to

inspire people by sharing my own journey

I'm not where I want to be right now in

terms of my health and fitness now I'm

not talking about Swire's I mean that is

part of it but I'm talking more mentally

but I'm gonna take you guys along on the

journey with me because this is the

important part of my life and I really

want to show you guys so if you like

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