DIY cut Stainless sheet w/ Sawzall + Grinder

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what's up guys Josh here so this is the

second part of my video I took about a

three minute break to scribble off the

word drill and scribble cut next to it

just because this was a two-part video

that I was shooting on how to drown and

also how to cut stainless uh this is

actually a customer's piece right now I

needed to have it ready for tomorrow

morning but I told my crew that I was

gonna do it at home just that I wanted

to share this video with you guys so of

course I don't have all my best tools

but I got decent tools but uh I

shouldn't say decent professional Harbor

Freight that's a joke but you know what

it was like 20 bucks um I'm not

complaining it was cheap it's a freebie

practically but uh I would highly

recommend cutting sheet metal with an

angle grinder I do this all day long in

my shop this is the fastest possible way

to cut it you could owes you saws on I'm

going to show you guys how to use the

sawzall my trick but you could plunge

cut with these you could do basic edging

I mean you could do all kinds of stuff

with a four and a half inch disc or even

just a fortune we always what I call but

again let's get to a guy's now type 304

stainless steel comes with a PVC plastic

this one's actually laser grade so it's

actually a high temp plus PVC plastic

let's say fantastic for friction wheel

because of course we're gonna create

heat we're gonna have a mess but Micra

parts mark them right

you could easily mark Ronda's PVC

plastic I mean stuff Mark's fantastic so

you don't have that okay painters tape

guys throw your painters tape on there

protect your area and what I've actually

done is pretty much replicate that PVC

plastic and covered a whole section off

and still you could draw your parts on

there of course get it

nice tight flat you don't want bubbles

or wrinkles in there because that's only

gonna bother us you up when you go to

mark but again that's a different that's

a different subject I'm marking in

layout but again painters tape protect

your part it'll protect it from

scratches and what do make it have an

accident and jump off and skit across

your piece so that's another thing of

protecting your parts

now I'm gonna do a punch cut right now

with my four and a half inch grinder

this thing will be shooting sparks a

little so it's just a nasty dusty thing


where your protection equipment I've got

my awesome Dewalt goggles on

these things just are wicked protects

pooch authorized and it sure keeps a

crap by the because these things are

just garbage like be careful where the

sparks this does run counterclockwise or

clockwise counterclockwise depends on

which way you're looking at it what

turns this way there you go alright now

when you're going to plunge obviously

this thing is pulling one way or pushing

the other way so I always like to wear

if I'm cutting

I have missing bites I want to pull away

from me full of which way this thing is

biting if you're in this case sparks

will be shooting toward me but you know

what I'd rather the sparks shoot toward

me rather than this thing bite and shoot

into my belly or god forbid hit you in

the crotch so guys be careful now what

I'm gonna do is also instead of starting

down here and work on my way back I want

to see that I'm gonna start down at the

bottom and push forward allowing this

team to kind of walk its way and pull

away from me again careful and be

mindful of your sparks

did I mention how much I hate using

these yet all right ask me why do I hate

him so much if I just said it's a

quickest thing to do I hate them because

they throw they're made out of

fiberglass and abrasive so this stuff is

just some nasty stuff as its destroying

itself wearing stuff down that's

throwing fiberglass stuff it's throwing

abrasive powder everywhere I'm a just

it's just nasty crap and if you're hot

and sweaty this is the last thing you

don't want to have covered be covered in

again and you don't want to breathe this

stuff so guys please be careful please

have ventilation right now I have a fan

on me

blowing fresh air to me and blowing all

this stuff away from me so again be

careful and be very very careful safety

now I'm a fan of sawzalls it's not

because a quick but because their God

they don't you freaking sparks at me now

my technique for being will do plunging

the sheet metal but a sawzall is to

drill a series of holes

now hit a series of holes you then will

be able to come in and obviously at a

tip angle and start plunging into this

I'm gonna do right here is I got myself

a very fine blade this is I want to say

what is it 14 to 18 teeth per inch

depending just because it's a variable

tooth nail blade you want to go fine

but I'm actually gonna reverse this

thing in my Chuck so I could get at a

better plunge cut

hey shake it like crazy I'm going to

edit some of that out that way hit

shaking but I should be able to now run

a vertical cut run my sawzall vertical

but I don't want to run him necessarily

vertical I want to tip it at about a 45

degree angle

and that's again that's my trick guys if

you don't want to cut with a friction

wheel and use the sawzall for this

that's the only way you're gonna be do

it but you got to be careful and I would

highly recommend going with a quality

blade buy a good blade don't cheap out

guys thank you very much for watching if

this was helpful please give me a thumbs

up please don't forget to subscribe

appreciate you guys