How to cut heavy watercolor paper with deckle edge

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hi everyone I wanted to try painting on

some really heavy watercolor paper the

300-pound paper I have been painting on

these blocks that are 9 by 12 in the

state they work fine and they're good

for a lot of things but I really wanted

to try my hand at the thicker paper so

this paper comes in these are two halves

so it comes in a 22 by 30 inch paper if

you have the full sheet that's 22 by 30

then you have 15 by 22 as a half sheet

15 by 11 quarter sheet seven and a half

by 11 this is an eighth sheet and seven

and a half by five and a half is a

sixteenth sheet most of the time I would

want to paint on eleven by seven and a

half that's just the size I prefer so

let me show you the clip of me cutting

it it's it wasn't as easy as I thought

it would be if you take the paper and

you fold it and you bend it back and