Cut 300 Calories Per Day And You Won’t Believe This Can Happen

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oh hello there have you been watching

your calories I see you look great

after all heart disease is a leading

cause of death for both men and women

six hundred and ten thousand people

alone die from it each year in the

United States cutting certain fruits

from your diet is smart but believe it

or not you don't need to go overboard

did you know that cutting just 300

calories a day can be enough let's

discuss that in detail from facts about

calories you didn't know too smart food

options you can cut out we're talking

all that and more we get it 300 calories

seems like a pretty random number to cut

so why cut just 300 you think 500 would

be good for starters even 250 how's this

for a health boost cutting 300 calories

is enough to improve your cholesterol

blood pressure blood sugar and

cardiovascular system one study

conducted a few years back focused on

218 subjects under the age of 50 they

ranged from skinny to overweight the

subjects were instructed to control

their portion sizes eating a 6-ounce

meal instead of at in they kept track of

these subjects over the course of two

years while many tried cutting the

suggested amount you were successful

those who cut just 12% of their daily

calorie intake from their diets were

shown to have lost around 16 pounds this

was accompanied by a decrease in chronic

inflammation insulin resistance and

cholesterol among others you're probably

wondering where I'm going with this well

12% of your daily caloric value is equal

to about 300 calories calories sure can

be a nuisance in our lives everybody

wants to burn them the truth is that

many of us including myself are not

educated on the world of caloric intake

for a while I didn't even know what

calories were exactly if you held me

hostage and asked me to define them I

wouldn't have an exact answer for you so

let's start with a bit of trivia

calories are a unit of energy used to

measure your nutrition consuming them is

essential to your health as a person the

way we refer to calories is actually

misleading the number of calories you

read off the nutritional label is

actually the amount of kilocalories and

Spira c-101

now just a simple misconception a

kilocalorie is a unit

measure to 1,000 calories if a food

product is labeled as being 500 calories

it's actually 500 thousand calories

while this is interesting we're going to

refer to calories the usual way we do

just for the sake of this video in your

sanity calories are comprised of several

different components

these include fat carbohydrates protein

and alcohol if you're looking for

something that fills you up you'll

normally go for the fattest meal

possible but if you're trying to lose

weight and you want to avoid fatty foods

as much as you can but before we

continue are you concerned about your

overall health perhaps you should check

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you're eating too much sugar also if

you'd like to prepare for cold and flu

season the right way click on our clip

discussing what happens to your body

when you get a cold so with that out of

the way I guess the million dollar

question is just how many calories

should I have well that's actually

tricky you see it varies from person to

person depending on things like age

weight and sex to put it simply the

average females should consume about

2,000 calories in order to maintain her

weight as for the average male they're

recommended about 2,500 despite your

gender in order to lose a pound a week

it's suggested that you cut 500 calories

out of your daily value cutting 500

calories isn't the only way to see a

health benefit but whatever your method

is you should do it

the daily caloric intake for the average

American is around 3,600 that's a 24%

increase from the average 2880 back in

1961 if you're confused as to a place to

start try cutting 300 calories for now

after all you remember what happened to

the people in that experiment earlier

cutting 300 calories is as simple as

removing a single food item from your

plate let's give a list of some possible

snacks and sides you can just face out

number one

cheeseburger or the record we're talking

about your regular cheeseburger here

people not that one with six patties

that you scarf down in front of your

friends like you have something to prove

did you know that a basic single patty

cheeseburger from McDonald's is equal to

about 300 calories that's something off

the value menu compare this to the

famous Big Mac which is only 240

calories more if your usual McDonald's

outing can

of three cheeseburgers off the dollar

menu you're consuming over 900 calories

right there not to mention the soda

that's probably accompanying them so do

a simple switch go for hamburgers

instead the hamburgers from Mickey D's

is a hundred calories less than the

cheeseburgers eating three of those is

equal to around 600 this way you'll be

filling your stomach all the while

cutting the necessary 300 calories

number 2 pizza ok before you grab the

pitchforks just hear me out pizza is a

satisfying snack ask anyone around gee I

don't know the world but depending on

how hungry you are a pizza dinner can be

the entire daily value of calories the

average slice of regular crust pizza is

estimated to be 285 calories so by

sparing yourself the extra slice you'll

be cutting yep 300 calories right there

number 3 potato chips I don't mean to be

ruling out all the amazing snacks I mean

this one's pretty straightforward were

you aware that the grab sized bag of

potato chips is equal to 274 calories do

yourself a favor that bag of chips you

usually eat for lunch

scrap it talk about a quick and

efficient method for cutting close to

300 calories number 4 french fries all

right we're going back to McDonald's now

there's a sentence you loved when you

were 5 if you're not ready to cut out

McDonald's coveted burgers at least try

to avoid the fries McDonald's french

fries are among the most popular fast

food items on earth I'm not kidding the

company serves an estimated 3.2 billion

pounds of fries a year but the iconic

status of McDonald's fries doesn't erase

the fact that they aren't exactly

healthy for you a medium fry order from

Mickey D's is around 350 calories

compare that to a small which is 240 if

you're wishing to cut 300 calories look

no further than McDonald's fries number

5 candy bars

the average Twix bar is 280 calories

just think about that when you have a

sweet tooth other sugar coma inducing

chocolates include Mars bars which are

roughly 240 calories

Snickers which is around 280 if you're

willing to avoid the temptation during

your next visit to the gas station skip

out on that candy bar number six beer

this is one that people often brush off

mainly because it's extremely difficult

to drink beer in moderation a regular

bottle of Heineken equals up to 160

calories think about the amount of beer

you've consumed in a single night just

two bottles of that brand has already

exceeded the 300 calorie mark brands

like Sam Adams and Guiness also carry a

value of around 180 calories per bottle

if you're willing to practice moderation

try sticking to light beer instead I

know it's a lot to ask for some people

to be fair light beer can taste a little

watered down but brands such as Corona

Miller and Heineken Light all fall

between 95 and 100 calories let's try a

moderation exercise shall we this is for

those who receive their extra calories

through drinking just as an example

we'll use a model from 2007 a study

concluded that 10 percent of American

adults consume around 74 drinks per week

this comes to an average of 10 a day if

your drink choice Falls around the 160

calories an you could be consuming an

extra 1600 calories in a single night

but if you reduce your intake down to

eight beers you'd be drinking about 12

80 as much of a challenge as it is

switching to light beer is an added

bonus on top of that have you been

watching your weight lately

would you consider cutting calories let

us know in the comments section below

we'd love to hear from you enjoyed this

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