4 Easy tips on how to pay off your 30 year mortgage in 15 years or less!

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welcome back to bullying bear poor guys

my name is crawl today's video is about

how to reduce your thirty-year mortgage

down to less than half yeah that's how I

did it I took out a 30-year mortgage

when I bought my house it was a duplex

duplex it's like a two family but my

part of the house was bigger and this is

a house hack that ended up being I'm

staying you know because the cost of

living so expensive the thing is to get

out of debt as soon as possible

especially when you're younger so this

was my tips and tricks and how I reduced

my 30-year mortgage to actually 11 and a

half years I think it was a little like

11 and a half years or so it's gonna be

three basic steps to get there

number one when you get the mortgage I

started soon after maybe a couple years

afterwards change your mortgage to a buy