Extreme weight cutting: 30lbs in 24 hours

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hi it's Ramsey do me at the GX Fight

Club and I'm going to address some

questions that I got about weight

cutting now some of the most common

questions I get and I get asked this a

lot how do I cut weight what's the best

way to do it how much is too much and so

on so first of all I'm not a big

proponent of weight cutting I think it's

terrible I hate it now I've done it I've

done some extreme weight cutting I've

cut as much as thirty pounds which is a

terrible thing to do please don't ever

do that the more weight you cut the more

it's going to limit you and hinder your

athletic performance

so keep the way cutting to a minimum as

much as possible okay now it's just as

important how we cut weight as how we

put that weight back on now I'm going to

tell you a story about some extreme

weight cutting when I cut those thirty

pounds back in 2009 I fought for martial

combat before they became one Fc down in

singapore and it's a funny story because

the guy who set up that fight at the

time lied through his teeth about all

the details he told me oh yeah you'll be

fighting some guy not that big of a deal

down in Singapore had a catch weight of

a hundred and sixty-five pounds now I

was walking around the heaviest I've

been in a long time at a hundred and

seventy five pounds now most of my

fights before that I walked around close

to 155 and I had there fought at 155 as

a lightweight or 145 you know cutting

910 pounds to get down to featherweight

and you know that's easy that's safe but

again I was I was walking around heavier

than usual

I've been bulking up a little bit and so

it's like okay I can do a catch weight

at 165 no no problem I'll just cut those

those 10 pounds easy I can do that

within 24 hours so I agreed to the fight

I flew down to Singapore the promoter

told me the exact opposite which is know

this fight is

set for a hundred and forty-five pounds

at featherweight and by the way your

opponent is world black belt Brazilian

jiu-jitsu champion Leandre Issa awesome

guy by the way he's fighting in the UFC

now fantastic fighter great jiu-jitsu


and this worried me for obvious reasons

like okay I'll fight whoever you want to

put in front of me but 145 okay that

that's that suicide basically basically

cutting that kind of weight so I managed

to do it I did something really stupid I

cut the weight within 24 hours how did I

do it I sweat I sweat an unhealthy

amount I spent most of the next day in a

sauna and when I wasn't in the sauna I

was wearing every article of clothing

that I owned and I was pedaling a

stationary bike jogging on the treadmill

getting on the elliptical just doing

everything I could to sweat I was

spitting in a bucket just trying to

dehydrate as much as possible you know

going back into the sauna and it got to

the point where I was just about to

black out now I made weight miraculously

and somehow survived and please again

don't ever do that don't cut that back

kind of way it can kill you people have

died from that just recently a fighter

down in Thailand died cutting less

weight than that

okay extreme weight cutting is extremely

dangerous so what actually happened

during the fight I had no energy I was

nauseous the room was spinning I was

dizzy it felt like I was moving through

molasses my my punches got really sloppy

my kicks were ponderous as the ring

announcer said if you if you watch that

fight on YouTube it's about a minute

long you can actually hear the ring

announcer say ponderous kicking from

Ramsey Dewey and you know I pride myself

on my kicking but it looked bad because

again I could barely get my feet under

me I was wobbly I wasn't there

okay so Landrieu he's shot in for an

easy double leg takedown put me on the

floor and finished the fight with a

Kimura and again he gave me an easy way

out of that fight it could have been so

much worse I mean the dude could have

started dropping some elbows on me from

that position but you know chose to go

for the submission instead mercifully so

it could have been so so much worse I

mean when you cannot intelligently

defend yourself in a fight you do not

belong in a fight and if you are doing

some extreme weight cutting you are not

going to be able to intelligently defend

yourself the way that you could

otherwise so again please do not try to

cut any more than ten percent of your

body weight so how do we do it how do we

do it safely

all right the very first thing is void

your bowels yeah that means poop in your

colon every person carries five to ten

pounds of poop which does nothing more

than weigh you down it doesn't give you

more energy so if you if you can pass

that if you can have a bowel movement or

several before before you have to have

to weigh in again you can cut five to

ten pounds just by doing that and that

costs you nothing

as far as energy goes so after that and

again the last thing we want to do to

cut weight is is sweat because yes sweat

takes a water weight away and we can

replenish that afterward by drinking


getting fluids back in us but when we

sweat that also takes the electrolytes

that's the salt out of our body and why

is that important because that governs

our nervous system that controls how we

move and how we move is everything in a

fight the connection between our brain

and the rest of our body if we don't

have that we can't fight not properly

right if you don't have the correct

balance of salts electrolytes in your

nervous system again that's how the

nervous system works it's a series of

basically on-off switches that are


he runs through and if we don't have

those those salts you know the negative

ion the positive ion separated in the

the water in the body in the correct

balance there is no conduit for that

electrical current to travel from the

brain to the body and vice versa so in

other words you're gonna have some

ponderous kicking and punching and you

know getting your your face punched in

ponderously so again limit the sweating

okay make make sure that's the last

thing that you do after everything else

okay so generally before you even start

weight cutting again you you want to

restrict food and water basically fast

and you don't have to do a lot of this

again this is where I see a lot of

Fighters err they think they have to

starve themselves for a week before the

fight you don't you don't basically you

can get the weight cut done within 24

hours before the fight so basically stop

eating and drinking the day before okay

because the more you eat the more you

drink again that's more weight you have

to sweat off and we again we want to

limit the sweating as much as possible

conserve those electrolytes so after we

restrict water and food then again the

way cutting starts now when we sleep you

lose anywhere from two three four five

even up to six pounds depending on the

temperature and how you're breathing

when you sleep just through water vapor

from again from from your nose and mouth

okay so find out how much weight you

lose weigh yourself before you go to

sleep and weigh yourself when you wake

up in the morning and find out how much

what you typically lose through

breathing on any given night and that

you can calculate into into the total

number of pounds you need to lose all

right the next thing I would tell you is

as practice weight cutting if you if you

intend to do it for a fight

practice it beforehand you know weeks

even months before the fight okay if you

plan on cutting a certain weight and

make sure it's a safe amount no more

than 10% again I can't stress that


more than that could potentially kill

you and if it doesn't kill you it could

damage your internal organs quite a bit

okay I don't want any of you guys to

deal with kidney failure or anything

like that I've had friends who have

suffered kidney failure from fighting

and and cutting weight and training the

wrong way please please don't let that

be you okay it's a serious serious issue

so practice cutting the weight

beforehand then practice putting all

that weight back on you know rehydrate

make sure you're well rehydrate and keep

drinking water throughout the day even

even up until up until the fight okay

and you know go to the gym go through

your routine do some Ruling do some

sparring do some bag work whatever your

routine is and see if you can do it with

the same or similar energy levels as you

normally would and if you can't then you

probably shouldn't be cutting that much

weight if you feel great after cutting

not uno nine ten pounds or whatever and

and and practice that way cut you go to

the gym you feel good great okay that's

probably sustainable if you feel weak if

you feel wobbly if you feel dizzy the

room spinning yeah don't do that okay

don't cut that much weight anymore

okay make some changes else for a fight

up a weight class if you have to that's

not the worst thing in the world again

isn't the reason that we all got into

martial arts in the first place so we

could be bigger stronger opponents okay

you know being five pounds less than the

other guy it's not the worst thing in

the world anyway I hope that helped

train safe guys if you do plan on

cutting wait do it do it the right way

and do it safely and good luck to you

anyway thanks for watching

get out there and train