How MMA Fighters Lose 30 Pounds in 5 Days - How to Cut Weight FAST

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is it really possible to lose 30 pounds

in just five days yes

warning this method of losing weight is

not a sustainable approach and will not

provide long-term results the methods

I'm about to share with you is dangerous

and should not be attempted without


so MMA fighters will do pretty much

anything to gain a competitive advantage

and they put their bodies through some

brutal methods to do so the manipulator

bodies days before the fight in order to

weigh in at a much lower weight than the

normally walk around that to gain most

of it back before entering the ring to

try and slap the heads of each other

this is the fight before the fight and

can break any fighter both mentally and

physically while potentially mess up in

your organs and cause serious damage if

taken too far so having that said in

this video I will explain how MMA

fighters are able to lose 30 pounds in

just five days

so the average adult body actually

consists of about 60% water which is

something that fighters use to their

advantage when cutting weight

it's that fluid they want to squeeze out

and they dehydrate themselves to lose

most of the weight they are usually

already in great shape and have low body

fat percentages so they won't really

burn much fat off in the weight cutting

process is not calories in calories out

here but more about manipulating your

water and sodium levels and put your

body in overdrive to flush that weight

off so to start off the weight cut on

day 5 they will drink a shitload of

water and a shitload equals at least 2

gallons or 8 liters of water and

drinking a lot more water than usual

will not necessarily make you gain

weight I will put your body in overdrive

and trigger it excrete and flush out

more water than you take in and you

might actually burn some extra calories

from bouncing to the bathroom about 20

times a day they also cut their carbs

out completely which means they only eat

foods with proteins and fats along with

our water a popular diet is the

ketogenic diet which also manipulates

your body similarly to the water loading

so their whole carbs extremely low or

skip it completely eat about 70% of

their caloric intake in fat and the rest

in protein and this diet is pretty easy

to add hurt too and is something they

follow even when they don't need to cut

when there is no carbs in the body there

is no glycogen or blood sugar to get

energy from and the body instead turns

to fat for energy which is super

effective if you want to get ripped as a

folk and another huge benefit with this

kind of diet is that one gram of carbs

pulls 2.7 grams of water and getting rid

of carbs will essentially flush even

more water out so on to the

micronutrients and the most important

one when cutting weight sodium the meals

when carrying weight might not taste as

good as usual because there's basically

no salt allowed this is because the

level of sodium in your body Rises when

eating a meal rich in salt and the

sodium attracts and holds on to water

which in turn increases the blood volume

this is also what makes you feel bloated

and should definitely be avoided when

cutting and the huge amounts of water

they drink in the early stages will turn

down aldosterone which is a hormone that

acts to conserve sodium and

creet potassium sodium and potassium are

indirectly related so when potassium

levels are high sodium levels are low

and that's why it's beneficial to eat

foods rich in potassium as a way of

lowering the sodium levels and as they

get closer to Wain they will decrease

the amount of water they take in from

two gallons the first day to one gallon

on day two and three half a gallon on

day four and only point to five gallons

on the day before wanes and on the

actual weigh-in day they sometimes cut

water to only a few sips if they are

still overweight however this is not the

only method to cut weight as they also

expose their bodies to heat as a way of

extracting even more water out of the

system and one very popular and

extremely effective way of doing just

that is through hot baths hot baths are

no biggie right try to say that of

dehydrating and manipulating your body

for four days straight being dry as a

racing we sweat the most in hot humid

environments and since water offers 100%

humidity and the water is really hot

it's a jackpot no more than 10 to 15

minutes out of time will do in the hot

tub and they then move on to lighter

versions of sweating without moving


and covering up in towels are common

methods here they go through this cycle

several times until they have extracted

enough fluids a final push to get more

fluids out of the body is to use natural

diuretics it's not necessary but could

very well be that last little step

needed to make weight and they usually

only turn to this option during the last

two days if they are behind in the

weight cutting and one of the most

effective natural diuretics is dandelion

root extract and can increase urination

for five hours of the consumption this

will result in more water being flushed

out which is perfect and is very easy to

gain the lost water weight back again

after the weigh-ins so they start off by

drinking ridiculous amounts of water to

trigger that overdrive and flush water

out and then they tighten that funnel of

water supply as they get closer to

weighing in for the fight and eventually

stops it completely they keep track of

both macro and micro nutrients to

manipulate and throw off the body to

their advantage with carp and sodium

cutting hot baths sauna and towel

waiting or

used to extract more fluids they can

even throw in some exercises in the mix

just to make it a little extra and

finish it off by forcing down some

dandelion root extract and they are on

their way to make weight and finally be

able to slap the heads of each other but

guys again this is not a method for

long-term weight loss results and if you

look at the shad fat you should look

elsewhere the best diet to follow is the

one you can add her to I like the

simplicity of intermittent fasting we

basically refrain from eating certain

hours throughout the day ketogenic diet

or flexible dieting are also popular

methods to stay lean for longer periods

of time so definitely look into that or

I thank you for watching if you enjoyed

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