How to cut sheet metal galvanized flashing

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now here's a piece of flashing I got

from the hardware store and in fact it's

not 2 by 4 2 foot by 4 foot is it it's

24 inches by 36 so 2 foot by 3 foot

that's one piece believe it or not cost

20 almost 20 dollars but you know I

don't have to use all of it and I'm

probably only going to have to use maybe

16 inches or so remember I've measured

up there

I thought maybe less than 2 feet long so

and then about 16 inches deep or so

maybe I'll maybe I'll make it a little

bit more than that I have a feeling I'm

going to have to have to do some cutting

up there and so I can make this here 16

inches maybe even 18 inches okay

so I can put a mark at 18 and I just

happen to have a t-square here this is

called a two-foot t-square because see

it's 2 feet long so I can just line that