How to cut sheet metal galvanized flashing

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now here's a piece of flashing I got

from the hardware store and in fact it's

not 2 by 4 2 foot by 4 foot is it it's

24 inches by 36 so 2 foot by 3 foot

that's one piece believe it or not cost

20 almost 20 dollars but you know I

don't have to use all of it and I'm

probably only going to have to use maybe

16 inches or so remember I've measured

up there

I thought maybe less than 2 feet long so

and then about 16 inches deep or so

maybe I'll maybe I'll make it a little

bit more than that I have a feeling I'm

going to have to have to do some cutting

up there and so I can make this here 16

inches maybe even 18 inches okay

so I can put a mark at 18 and I just

happen to have a t-square here this is

called a two-foot t-square because see

it's 2 feet long so I can just line that

up there and go right on my pencil mark

and I can mark that a couple times you

can see you can see that if you didn't

have a t-square what else could you use

you could use a chalk line got a

chocolate in here that will make a

straight mark what you would do is take

your measured go 18 inches there 18

inches there and this has chop in it

that's why it's called a chalk line and

it's got a little hook at the end you

would just hook it over that this case

I'd have to lift that up a little bit

this is good cut siding and you know all

kinds of stuff pull it like that and

snap it see there that's another another

way you can do a

okay I don't usually use tin snips like

this I usually use tin snips here these

are red handle and usually whatever

whatever bit I cut off I'm going to lift

it up I always cut the same way okay

so in fact I got an 18 inch piece there

I got an 18 inch piece there too okay

I'm just cutting this in half I'm just

gonna kind of keep my foot on one side

lift the other side up and be real

careful not to not to get your hand

caught on that edge or something cuz you

that'll catch you later

I just keep cutting and if I don't want

very many lines on there I will I won't

use the cutter all the way to the tip

each time I'll just do a little bit at a


can I keep lifting this piece up and

cutting remind you red handle if you

know anything about snips red handle are

to cut curves you're right-handed green

handle ones or if you cut curves if

you're left-handed to cut the other way

and yellow handle are to cut straight

well I don't I don't use the yellow

handle because I can cut straight with

the red one see how easy that was

if you don't have that you can do

something like this but then then it

takes a little while longer and it's not

as easy to work with this one here it's

got the spring on here and this is with

tin snips I highly recommend these and

like I say I've got these but I very

seldom use these they're just kind of

awkward to use now if I use them all the


okay fine but I don't wonder if I should

even cut anything with this and I'm

going to be wasting my flashing but

let's just let's just see I want to cut

one a little bit see there they're

harder they're harder to cut with like a

tell I'm struggling just to cut this

line here now with with this if you want

to cut a straight line let's say in the

middle of flashing you could do that a

little bit easier if you're just cutting

straight maybe you don't have to lift

one side up as much but I don't mind

lifting one side up when I cut that's

just how I do it and it works for just

about anything okay so I'm going to take

this piece up there on the roof and then

I'm going to fashion it

however I've got a pair of pliers I'm

going to use to do some bending I might

even I might even use this crescent

wrench to grab the edge if if I have to

put you know some small little edge on

there let's say I can bend that up or

whatever okay okay I guess I'm ready to

get back up there and see what I can do

about fashioning a piece of flashing and

I'm going to use this right here now see

here's one thing to note am i a

professional roofer of course I'm not if

I called a roofer right now he's going

to charge me probably $150 or more if we

wanted him to guarantee his work to find

the roof leak it could be a 250 dollar

bill let's say and he's going to end up

doing certain things that I could

probably do myself that's why I'm going

to tackle this project I got $20

invested so far I'm gonna have some

Hawking probably maybe some sheetrock or

some sheet metal screws so I got 25

bucks in this all together when I'm done

and if that fixes the roof leak Caray if

it doesn't I could look up there and try

something else next time and do that if

the roof leak wasn't dripping that bad

so I mean if it's a major roof leak then

I probably would have found it a lot

easier but it was just slightly drip

drip drip on a really heavy rainstorm we

don't get many of those throughout the


ways but again I'm going to try to fix

it myself to save my mother some money

hey here's one more tip to whenever

you're working with flashing sheet metal

if you don't want to use a pencil you

can use a sharpie here's a sharpie and

then you can mark up you know and you

can see things a lot easier as you're

cutting remember that