Upholstery Basics: How To Cut Foam...With a Bread Knife!

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ok today we're going to cut foam

you know foam is kind of like a bread

the bread that you should not

but it's kind of like bread it's bubbly

when they make foam they put it into a

great big bread pan if you will and they

cook it and it bubbles up and the great

big piece that comes out before they

slice it into pieces they actually call

a bun so you see there's a bread analogy

so if you think about cutting bread what

was you use to cut bread a bread knife

this is like a bagel knife a cake knife

any kind of serrated edge type of a

knife actually the longer the blade the

more easier it is to work with but some

type of bread knife a lot of times you

can get these in oh you know Target or

whatever for five bucks or something so

here we are we have a piece of foam

right here for example you can see this

one has been cut in a slightly angled or

slightly curved direction and of course

we'll talk about this later but you can

glue foam together

this one's been glued so how do you cut

foam well what you need is a sharpie

marker and you want to mark off the line

that you want to cut I've marked off a

straight line here and then I'm going to

use my bread knife very simply to cut

this now what you want to do is you want

to score the foam rather than saw the

foam so to score the foam you're just

going to go straight across and don't

press too hard press lighter it's better

to do a number of light strokes and just

one or two heavy strokes you'll get a

smoother cut so depending on how thick

the foam is you can cut right through it

now key thing is you want to make sure

that your knife is at a 90 degree angle

or else you're going to have a kind of

jab or walking type of piece of foam so

make sure you're keeping it out and even

angle nice and light strokes and you can

see that it cuts a very smooth a

reasonably smooth line now remember foam

is going to be under pressure in most

cases with the fabric and also usually

it will put a little bit of batting over

top of it anyways only

you'll get a curved line now if it's a

gentle curve you can still use the same

method that I just showed you a minute

ago but if it's a more radical curve

such as this one that I've shown you

here you may have to put your knife at

aside now it's a little more tedious you

got to pay closer attention but you can

still do it just do little nibbles at a

time making absolutely sure that your

knife is at a 90 degree angle don't try

to cut too much at a time just little

nibbles and you'll see even on a

somewhat radical curve you can get a

pretty good line there you go it's a

little bit you know not totally smooth

but it's close enough

that'll work for what you need to do so

that's how you cut foam with a bread