Cutting Upholstery Foam at Home

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hi I'm Ellen permits a sewing life and

today I'm going to demonstrate cutting

through phone with an electric knife

I've got this nice Forge foam that I am

going to be making window seat cushion

with and my window seat goes in a bay

window so there's lots of angles that I

need to cut to make it fit just right

you can use a regular knife and we're

checked down before but it really I

don't recommend it it makes it kind of a

hack job and you want it just as smooth

as possible

so to do it you first draw I've drawn my

pattern pattern drawn on the thing with

it on the foam with a sharpie I've taken

so you take your knife directly on the

line and turn it on

we want it to be going is straight down

so that your cushion on the other side

is the exact same size as your cushion

on this side so here we go

continuing also before I come out you

want to come out as slowly as possible

so you don't come out too fast and cut

something that you don't want to cut

also to make sure you're on an overhang

so you have plenty of space underneath

you don't want to cut the table or

counter that you're using

all right so that's my first cut the

next cut is actually longer it goes from

that same point all the way to here so

I'm going to start out the same way but

it's good you're going to have to do

more than one cut to get it obviously so

here we go

all right so now to get you can see I've

got to get still go all the way to that

end so I'm going to put the knife


but alright it looks pretty good it

looks like I'm a little bit off here and

I can I can straighten it up but I think

I'll cut the whole thing first and put

my pattern on top of it and see if I

need to make any adjusting for the

bottom side and that's it it's really