Motorcycle Seat pt 3: Shaping Upholstery Foam // Becky Stern

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Welcome back to my motorcycle seat rebuild series.

In this, the third episode, I’ll show you how I shaped the upholstery foam that came

inside my vintage eBay buy.

I’ll put links to the first two episodes where I take the seat apart and restore the

metal seat pan.

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My main goal here was to lower the standover height of my bike without sacrificing too

much comfort.

My seat foam is mostly in tact except for some moldy parts I’m choosing to ignore.

We’ll fill in these cutouts around the strap fasteners later.

The first step is to mark some guidelines on the foam using a ruler and marker.

I marked one line for my first cut, and another for the beginning of the rounded edge.

I made straight roughcuts with a serrated bread knife, though I’ve also seen folks

get great results with electric turkey cutters.

I’m saving the bigger slices for filling in gaps.

I got one of these foam razors online, and used it to even out the rough surfaces and

shave down the foam more precisely.

Since I’m new at this, I did a lot of the work with this tool because it didn’t take

off too much material at once, so I could assess my progress easily and frequently.

You can always take off more foam, but it’s harder to put it back if you make a mistake.

I didn’t try too hard to get the rusty bits off the underside, but did a cleanup with

a wire brush.

The underside of my foam was molded to the shape of the seat pan so I didn’t want to

compromise that shape too much, and the epoxy primer on the seat pan should keep all that

rust out.

To join the foam to the seat pan, I used super 77 adhesive.

I filled in the gaps where the strap fasteners were with some small pieces of foam cut from

the leftover slices.

Thanks so much for watching.

Next time we’ll draft a pattern and sew a new vinyl cover for the seat, then attach

it to the bike!

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