How to : Roofing - Where to start laying (three) 3 tab shingles / starter shingle

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hey there friends Bobby here today hey

folks we've got our roof here marked off

chopped off and we're ready to start

laying some shingles this is the area

that a lot of folks might have some

questions though is how do you get

started where usually before do you lay

your first thing left so I'm going to

show you in this little video we're

gonna have a starter row down here

across the bottom all the way down and

up the top on each side so let's start

with just that started single okay now

look at this shingle here and you can

see that I've cut a half a tab off of

here now the reason I cut the half a tab

off the very first starter single let

you lay because we're going to start

with a full shingle on the bottom so

after this one here is nailed in place

then you say how I line it up so we've

cut a half tab off boat so we want it

flipped upside down lined up on a thirty

inch mark and on our first 10 inch mark

here okay let's go ahead and pop a

couple nails and let's see

down here I don't want to put one in

this very corner I just want to come up

kind of high right here on the single

tab right there near the edge just

something kind of home that's our first

starter now the reason that we

wanted that starter shingle that way

always be six inches since loop will

always have coverage for the water to

shed that office

now let's go ahead and lay one I'm gonna

have to step up on the roof here I've

got my daughter here filming today she's

doing a wonderful job let's go ahead and

lay out start your cable remember turn

around backwards put it on your 12 inch

line okay just butted up against the one

that you just nailed down let's pop a

couple nails in it and there's your

starters already laid there now let's

lay our very first shingle okay we're

going to take a pull shingle take a full

one every we'll lay it right down here

on our thirty-six inch mark okay put it

on twelve it or ten inch line at the top

they put it on your thirty six-inch Wow

needles November don't nail down here

because we still haven't run our other

shingle underneath there yet so don't

don't nail that into that one yeah over

here up high again alright there we go

now we have another grab another angle

that has a six six inch half of the tab

cut off and lay it up here now look here

folks we will line it up on the 30 inch

line but we don't have a line we didn't

talk our lines every 5 inches 10 inches

is good enough now what you want to do

your sleep where your tabs come up here

at where the peak of that tab is you

want the bottom of the shingles so on

these in between lines in between

shingle rows you'll just simply line up

the bottom of the shingle that you're

laying with the peak of these tabs there

okay go ahead and know that all right

now let me show you exactly what talking

about Murray get the camera down here

get a little closer on this singer focus

in this area right here what I'm talking

about place is when you're lining that

shingle plug the one that you don't have

a line for right here where this peak is

in this peak here just line the bottom

edge of that shingle okay on those

in-between lines that's what I'm talking

about now now that we have this if we

had our starter single here run and

another single laid we can lay another

one here so basically this is how you

get started that shingle that will go on

would be a foolish angle you line it up

on your 36 inch mark and your 10 inch

line right there

then go ahead and nail it hi corner here

and don't nail this because we've still

got a feed in here okay

well as we carry these runs out we can

just work our way all the way up the

roof folks that's how you get started on

a three tab roof I hope the video was

helpful thank you for watching today and

we will see you next time take care