Building Basic Stair Stringers

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today I'm building the steps for this

ground-level entry deck and it thought

it was a perfect opportunity to teach

you the basics of making stringers now

there are two main factors to take into

consideration when you're laying out

your stringer the rise of the steps and

the run start with the run now in this

case because I was building the deck I

had some control over the run so I'm

dictating the run by how wide I want

each tread to be I'm going to use to

deck boards they're each five and a half

inches so my run is about eleven inches

per step there's going to be one two

steps so that's about 22 inches so I

built this deck so the rim joist is

roughly 22 inches from where I want the

front edge of the steps now if you were

building steps on an existing deck where

you had to hit a certain mark then you