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hello friends baby let's scout mania

here and today we're gonna discuss every

parent's worst nightmare

cutting baby nails now this important

routine should be done frequently to

prevent baby from scratching their face

or your own now because I've never

personally done this with my new baby


I've enlisted the help of my wife

Johanna hi she's gonna help teach you

and I how easy it is to cut baby nails

now without any further ado let's cut to

the chase

you mean trim yeah trimmers

so being that baby nails are so cute and

tiny there are many varieties of a

female Clippers out there that are more

precise than the adult versions while

some come with lights and music the key

takeaway is that they are all intended

to help you avoid cutting baby skin

now these safety nail clippers can

become dull over time so it's not a bad

idea to have a few lying around the

house for today's video we're gonna use

the roost nail clipper now it is best to

do this while baby is asleep but if you

can't just have them sit inside your lap

so that it's as if you're cutting your

own nails you could also give them

something to distract them like a mobile

or a toy or a light and sound generator

some families even like to do this after

giving their baby a bath so that the

nails are softer and that baby is calmer

alright so let's get to it

since you're right-handed you're gonna

take your left hand hold his hand and

push on the top of it with your thumb to

spread out his fingers newborns tend to

clench their fists a lot too

a little pressure to stretch the fingers

out and the key point to make

cut you'll make more the fingers you

need to make an arch so you will do one

two third cuts to shape the top one and

then the other side to make a triangle

and then a third one to shape the top

okay good yeah it's nice for the Jose

you only need to do one straight cut it

doesn't need to be in an arch to prevent

Ingram's perfect and you can use a nail

file like this one from roost to just

trim the hang pieces on the side there

glue so it doesn't snag on anything

mmm cool where do you do that I thought

it was gonna be it's not that bad and

some babies are born with very long

nails so you might want to pack a pair

of clippers to bring with you to the


and if you actually ever do cut your

baby skin happens to the best of us and

if you're really worried you can talk to

your pediatrician well I hope this video

helps out all of you

it's a lot easier than I thought it was

going to be don't forget to check out

our how to section for more videos like

these thanks for watching and we'll see

you next time bye everybody