Homemade Hole Cutter

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this video is me making lemonade and

lemon I started this thing right here

which is a circle cutting jig but I made

this specifically for cutting holes in

glass now while it did work reasonably

well for doing that I wasn't very happy

with the video came out so I thought

about it and my original idea was just

throw away that footage and you know

throw out the idea but I said to myself

is there something I could do with this

and then it occurred to me that I could

use this jig for cutting holes and wood

in exactly the same way except of course

wood is a lot softer than glasses so it

should work better I haven't tried it

yet I just finished making this new

cutter right here and what I'm going to

do right now is I'm going to step

through the details on how I made this

jig here now a lot of the footage that