How To CORRECTLY Solder a 2" Copper Joint (Step By Step) | GOT2LEARN

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what's up guys and welcome back to the

channel in this video I want to show you

how to solder a two inch copper joint

just like my other soldering videos I'll

be giving you a step-by-step breakdown

and show you the correct technique to

get a properly soldered joint and if you

have any questions at the end

feel free to comment below this video

will cover the tools and materials the

preparation the soldering process and

finalizing the joint I'll also show you

the results at the end that prove that

the joint was soldered properly using

this method by cutting it in for and

showing you that the solder did indeed

entirely fill the joint if you're just

interested in seeing the soldering

process skip here so let's get started

soldering bigger diameter pipes requires

a good torch using a normal propane