How to cut a perfect hole in wood using a hole saw by EAB

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we're drilling holes through two by ten

lumber using the two three-eighths m42

Razorback hole saw

now this little saw is capable of

drilling holes through steel metal

products as well as wood but for today's

purposes we're using what as a matter of

fact this particular one is tested at

140 holes through 3/16 plate steel very

tough very long-lasting to use the hole

saw there are really two parts we have

the hole saw itself which is doing the

cutting and we have the mandrel which is

required with a drill point to hold the

hole saw in place you'll notice that

this is a spring-loaded mandrel just by

pulling back we retract the drive pins

which will hold the mat in the hole saw

in place all we need to do is starch

spread it in and we pull back on the

drive pins slowly bring it round and the