How to cut really tall grass

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when buying a distressed property

there's a good chance you're going to

get a yard that looks like this where

the grass is extremely high that hasn't

been cut a long time you can't just come

in with a lawnmower and expect to mow

this stuff down it takes a technique you

don't want to start with anything less

than a weed eater get a good strong weed

eater and I'm going to show you how to

use that you might be tempted to go to

Home Depot or somewhere in rent a bush

hog and thinking the bush hog will take

it out it'll just knock it down it's

going to be a lot of work this is the

best way to do it let me show you you

want to come in with a flat motion

biting off about three or four inches as

you move to the right and then as you

come back to the left you're going to

sweep it with at an angle like this and