How to cut really tall grass

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when buying a distressed property

there's a good chance you're going to

get a yard that looks like this where

the grass is extremely high that hasn't

been cut a long time you can't just come

in with a lawnmower and expect to mow

this stuff down it takes a technique you

don't want to start with anything less

than a weed eater get a good strong weed

eater and I'm going to show you how to

use that you might be tempted to go to

Home Depot or somewhere in rent a bush

hog and thinking the bush hog will take

it out it'll just knock it down it's

going to be a lot of work this is the

best way to do it let me show you you

want to come in with a flat motion

biting off about three or four inches as

you move to the right and then as you

come back to the left you're going to

sweep it with at an angle like this and

push your grass out of the way and then

take another bite let me show you


and that's how you do it let me show you

what I've done in the front yard and the

front yard is done I know there's a lot

of work but I tell you if you hired

somebody to do something like that I've

paid eight hundred nine hundred dollars

for somebody to cut a yard with that

high of a grass and okay check this out

I'm going to prove my point I'm gonna

here we go watch this

hey would you do me a favor and take a

look at my backyard and tell me how much

it would cost to cut my backyard

yes yeah yes okay okay watch this

so just just to cut all the backyard

this whole area back here what do you

think okay that's so high huh

yeah how much you can hit the dog for it

ten fifty dollars yeah

okay okay yeah let's do it so yeah stop

now okay yeah okay well 50 bucks to do

the backyard how much how much would you

have charged to do the front yard if I

wanted to do to have done the front yard


how much would it have cost me another

$50 50 bucks 50 bucks this you would it

in the front yard with your bucks



all right okay thanks yes