How to Peel and Chop Garlic | Kitchen Daily

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hi I'm chef Brandon swallow from the

Culinary Institute of America and I'm

going to show you this kitchen basic how

to work with garlic this is a head of

garlic is what you're looking at right

here so to break the cloves out of the

head what I actually do is I use the

weight of the hand and I heat put the

heel of the hand onto the actual clove

and just lean on and as you lean on it

break that bulb up and you see that all

these little individual pieces just kind

of pop out and now you have what's known

as the cloves now that's your next

challenge I'm going to use the larger

knife I'm going to place it on top of

that actual clove make sure that your

knife is not angled up meaning the blade

towards you I always do the blade away

and always point it down I'm going to

use the heel of this hand that I'm going